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‘Team Fortress 2’ is a ‘The Hidden Gem’

This game is rated M for Mature!

I found myself with a rocket launcher in a closed off wooden area, where a timer is counting down for the other team to set up. As I waited, I stared at the Scout who just happened to be holding a fish, the newest type of melee weapons from the Mann-Conomy Update. As the timer hit zero, the blue team rushed toward the cart in order to develop it to the end of the map. From the corner of my eye, I saw a Pyro take out a Red Engineer with his flare gun. With the red sentry gun unprotected, a Heavy, who was on the cart, destroyed the sentry, while I blasted the red dispenser from afar. As my teammates pushed the cart, some other teammates and I charged past the first checkpoint. The same Pyro that took out the Red Engineer ambushed a red Scout. That Scout tried to run toward a health pack, but I took out my shotgun and killed him before he could get health. This is the gem called Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a class based shooter made by Valve. There are nine playable classes: Scout, Solider, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Heavy can kill people quickly in short range, while the Sniper can kill from a long distance. These classes have personalities that stand out. For example, the solider acts like a military officer. The characters in the game have lines that players love. During the game, people like to cry out ‘Spy!’ in order to pick out a disguised or cloaked spy. Another line that players pick out comes from one of Scout’s taunts. When the Scout has his bat out, sometimes he will say ‘Boink’. This line led to many fan made songs. Some of the modes within TF2 include King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Capture Points.

The idea behind the game is to have fun killing people. While you kill people, there is a simple objective that you must fulfill. For example in Capture Points, one team must capture all five points to win the game. In order to capture a point, players of the same team must stand on the point without the enemy team on the point. If one enemy player is on the point, the capturing process halts. The game play is extremely simple.

Learning about the game in detail is difficult. TF2 is like a game of chess. The game of chess is easy to learn, but it is hard to master all the technical maneuvers within the game of chess. At least for chess, a person can pick up a book or can see a video about all the fine details about chess. In TF2, the game does not go over the finer details of game play. Ever wanted to know how to jump from a high point behind someone in order to backstab a player? TF2 does not go over it. The community attempts to discuss this idea, but players only get to see examples of the technical aspects of the game. They do not see the actual button pressing that leads to that awesome backstab. Another aspect that helps players learn the game is the bots. For chess, the bots are extremely smart, because they know exactly every move possible. For TF2, the bots do not match up to actual multiplayer game play. For instance, actual players, who play as Medic, do not ubercharge classes with low hp. An ubercharge gives invincibility to one targeted player for a short amount of time. During one single player game with bots, I actually saw a medic ubercharge a scout who has one hundred and twenty five hp, which is the lowest amount of hit points a normal scout has.

The graphics are pretty average. The main problem with the graphics is that players always seem to play in popular maps that have the same type of western setting. These settings are amazing, but the problem is that the scenery becomes repetitive after playing the game constantly. It is true that there are other maps that are indoors, in forested areas and even in an Egyptian area. My only suggestion is that Valve should make a map that people would want to play 24/7 that does not hint about the west. I’m pretty sure that people do play the game a lot.

The replay value of this game is absolutely amazing. Valve constantly updates this game, which always brings new content. For example, TF2 is famous for their hats. Even though the hats do absolutely nothing to help game wise, the design of the hats look very nice. Ever wanted to mow down people with a football helmet on? With TF2, you can. People come together as a community to enjoy the fruit that is TF2. Just get a bunch of friends together online and try playing this game. You will definitely have a good time.

If you like to learn more about this spectacular game, click here! The game normally costs twenty dollars.

Reggie Kwok can be reached at [email protected].

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