The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

By Alissa Mesibov


glee playbill
Courtesy of Playbill

Happy New Year Gleeks!

Okay, so 2011 started over a month ago, but I have not had a reason to blog since then. On Sunday night, after the Superbowl, “Glee” came back in its full, campy, musical force that we all love.

This week, the rift between the football team and New Directions became too apparent to ignore, so Mr. Schuster and Coach Bieste force the two groups to work together on an iconic song, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (mashed up with the less iconic, but still fun “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs) for the championship game’s half-time show. Needless to say, neither group was too thrilled.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite telvision villain, Sue Sylvester, goes over-the-top by planning to shoot Brittany from a carnival cannon. When Sue is told the deadly stunt is not allowed, she goes on the mother of all rampages, tearing up the school secretary’s office, as well as the hallways and locker room. However, she still tries to force the girls into doing the routine, and kicks Brittany, Santana and Quinn off of the Cheerios when they refuse to do the routine, so that they can perform at the football game.

When the football team refuses to do the mash up, even though it means skipping the championship game, someone has to step in, so the team does not forfeit. Despite the football team backing out on glee club, the girls of “Glee” are there for the team. Most of them seem like they would not even survive a powderpuff game, let alone an actual football game (the exception being Lauren, also a champion wrestler), but they do- though not with many points to show for it. When the half-time show rolls around, the football team joins in on the fun. The girls are excused from the football game for the second half, as the original team comes back to win the game.

For the first time since her pregnancy, Quinn dons regular clothing, instead of the Cheerios uniform. In one of the most shocking episode endings, Finn and Quinn share a kiss.

What this will mean for next week is anyone’s guess. Will they come forward and be honest with Quinn’s boyfriend, the Bieber-coiffed Sam? Will they keep it a secret and continue seeing each other? Or will they just pretend it never happened? Post what you think will happen.

On to the episode’s best moments!

Best Song
I do not think it comes as a surprise to anyone that “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” wins by a lot. I love it when Artie gets solos. Some people argue that his voice has a nasal tone to it. However, I find it to be just enough to be unique, without being obnoxious. The elaborate choreography and incredible makeup make this number a winner.

Best Sue Sylvester Quote (I know- I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!)
“I try to make a habit of not touching carnie folk. But, fella, I’ll take it.”

Best Moment
Quinn and Finn kissing means hell for the members of New Directions, no matter which path of action the two take. The shock of the moment, and the realization of what this could mean for the teens, makes this the winner, though Sue’s hilarious rampage is a close second.

Here’s the episode for you to enjoy:

That’s it until the next episode, which is only two days away.

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