Welcome to Margaritaville

By Ashley Berger


Spring break might be over, but that doesn’t mean the drinking has to stop. What better welcoming for longer days and warmer nights than with partying with margaritas?  Grab a lot of tequila and lime juice and follow these relatively easy recipes for some shaken and stirred intoxicated fun!

Jimmy Buffet’s Perfect Margarita

Who better to get wasted away again in Margaritaville with than the man himself, Jimmy Buffett? Mix two ounces of gold tequila, a half ounce of blanco tequila, one and one quarter ounce of lime juice and some orange Curacao. Shake all ingredients together. Add salt to the rim of the glass and garnish with a lime. Put on Mr. Buffet’s famous tune, sip and enjoy.

Jalapeno Margarita

For those who like things extra spicy, kick it up a notch by adding one special vegetable. This recipe suggests that it is created in a large quantity, so make sure you grab a few friends as well. Add a slice of jalapeno, some celery leaves and six ounces of lime juice in a blender and mix. Pour into a pitcher and mix with 16 ounces of tequila and eight ounces of orange liqueur for a monster margarita that will knock you on the floor.

Low Calorie Margarita

If you’re watching your weight but still want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail, try this margarita. This recipe also instructs to make a substantial amount so recruit some fun-loving gym buddies to help you drink this concoction. Blend a tub of crystal light lemon-lime drink mix, two cups of water, eight ounces of tequila, six ounces of Grand Marnier, four ounces of President Mexican Brandy and lime juice and don’t feel guilty about drinking this liquid refreshment.

Chocolate Margarita

Have a sweet tooth, but still love tequila? Here is the perfect way to mix the two. Marry one and a half parts tequila, one ounce of Godiva liquor, two tablespoons of chocolate syrup, three quarters of an ounce of cream, two ounces of orange juice and some lime juice. Rim an ice-filled glass with cocoa and pour in the mixture.

Italian Margarita

Did you come straight from the canals of Venice? Do you love the Jersey Shore? Grab some guidos to help you enjoy this slushy mix. Blend six ounces of frozen lemonade concentrate, six ounces of tequila, two ounces of amaretto, one ounce of triple sec, some water and ice cubes and cook some spaghetti and tan friends.

Pink and Fruity Margarita

Feeling totally girly? Need your daily dose of fruit? A punch-like margarita, this one tastes similar to juice and goes down very easily. Grab four girlfriends and enjoy this feminine potion. Mix one cup of sweet and sour mix, one cup of cranberry juice, five ounces of tequila, three ounces of triple sec and two ounces of Grand Marnier. Evenly distribute into four glasses and garnish with limes and cherries for a great girly evening.

Beer Margarita

If you’re not one for straight tequila in your drinks, try adding beer to this classic recipe. Grab a couple of drinking buddies and create this concoction. Blend six ounces white tequila, 12 ounces of your favorite type of beer (light beer generally tastes the best) and six ounces of frozen limeade concentrate. Serve with a lime.

Sangria Margarita

If you don’t like to mix beer with your tequila, try mixing the famous wine based drink with it. Blend eight ounces of tequila, 12 ounces of margarita mix, two ounces of lime juice and three ounces of triple sec. Add two-thirds part this mixture with one part sangria for an exceptionally fruity yet potent drink.

Superior Margarita

Looking to try a drink that is better than all the rest? Look no further! Shake together two ounces of 100 percent blue agave tequila, one and a half ounces of Rose’s sweetened lime juice, three quarter of an ounce of Cointreau and some sweet and sour mix. Salt the rim of the serving glass and enjoy.

Key West Margarita

If you can’t make it all the way to Buffet’s Margaritaville, this blend will get you down as far as the gulf of Florida. Slowly blend one and a half ounces of tequila, one ounce of melon liqueur, one ounce of Pina Colada mix, a half ounce of lime juice, a half ounce of orange juice, some grenadine and some ice. This final margarita will leave you wasted away, and due to the touch of Pina Colada, absolutely caught in the rain.

Ashley Berger can be reached at [email protected]