UMass picks director of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

By Mary Reines

The University of Massachusetts recently appointed a new associate director of the Equal Opportunity and Diversity office.

Sarah Green, 34, previously worked as an independent investigator, looking into allegations of discrimination for Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. and holds a J.D. from American University, according to a UMass News and Media Relations press release.

Green first saw the job opportunity listed in November, and in March she took over the position.

“It was my dream job,” Green said.  “I guess it was just fated to be.”

Green investigates sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination based on race, gender, or any other protected class such as sexual orientation. She has worked about seven cases since she started her job in March.

Part of Green’s job is helping students who have been sexually assaulted by conducting investigations and referring them to resources like the Everywoman’s Center.

Green once worked as an intern for the Department of Justice and the White House, and was a staff assistant under President Clinton, according to the press release.

Green said she has experience both investigating discrimination, and facing it herself. She said she was inspired to pursue a career in social justice after her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, told her “heartbreaking” stories about Auschwitz concentration camp.

Mary Reines, Collegian Staff

Green said she experienced anti-Semitism in the workplace, during a job some years ago.

“One boss came up to me and said, ‘we want you to decorate your office for Christmas. Why won’t you participate?’”

Green said she refused to put up Christmas decorations and her boss turned her in for insubordination.

Today, Green said she wants to make sure people are comfortable in their places of work, and that she wants to listen to people who feel discriminated against and rectify the situation.

“I’m always willing to hear their complaints,” said Green. “They can contact me anytime.”

Green said she is happy with the UMass environment and the opportunities available on campus. She also said she is very happy with her new job.

“If I were here for the rest of my life I’d be happy,” she said.

-Mary Reines, Collegian Staff