Halloween Special Issue

By Arts & Living Staff

Short Film: “Deadly Collegian Part II”

You don’t need to have seen Part I of Deadly Collegian to enjoy the twists and thrills of the newest installment of “Deadly Collegian”. This short film stars several staff members of the Collegian, including Emily Felder, Herb Scribner and Taylor Snow.

Video: Halloween Witch Hat Cupcakes Recipe

Halloween treats are fun, creative and easy to make. Watch how to make delicious Witch Hat Cupcakes!

Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go: The Downtown Amherst Bars on Halloween

If you’re 21 or older, and looking for something to do during the Halloween week, here’s a short itinerary for what the downtown Amherst bars are up to.

Terror from afar: The appeal of foreign horror movies

Each country adds its own frightening flair to its horror films, making the scary movie connoisseurs hungry for more.

Scaring up the perfect Halloween playlist

How to keep your Halloween party bumpin’ throughout the night.

Video games that every horror movie fan will love

If your idea of a great Halloween involves video games, we’ve got just the list for you.

Top five most overplayed halloween costumes

Ashley Beam lists some tacky and repetitive Halloween costumes to stay away from and gives some advice on how to revamp some of the most cliche outfits.

Five factors in deciding whether to dress funny or scary this year

Time, money, appeal, versatility and creativity all come into play when choosing what to wear this Halloween.

Psychological horror adds another level of fear

Contrary the gory slasher flick, psychological horror delves deeper into the psyche, which can be a much scarier place.

Halloween treats to spice up the holiday

If you’re planning a Halloween party or just want to take a break from studying for midterms, these delicious and healthy Halloween treats could be a fun way to spice up the holiday.

The music of madness: Horror movie soundtracks

Without the dramatic and eerie soundtracks, horror movies just wouldn’t be so horrific.