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Figure enchances his growing reputation at Pearl Street


Figure spun an impressive set this past Saturday at Pearl Street in Northampton, managing to create a literal underground atmosphere as fans enthusiastically brought the bass-filled basement to life.

As people started trickling in at 9 p.m., it was clear the turnout was going to be more than enough for a sizable crowd, despite the holiday weekend. Roughly 150 people showed, which left enough shoulder room to dance on your own terms, yet the club was still condensed enough for the occasional crowd surfer. 

The Pearl Street Nightclub was the perfect backdrop for the show, complete with paint-peeled walls, and a lack of decorations that brought the music to the forefront of the audience’s attention, as the disc jockey wielded beats that were anything but minimalistic. Although one might expect an elaborate display of lights to accompany a concert of the dubstep variety, the lack of visual stimulation added simplicity, which was an interesting contrast to the melodic intricacies put forward.

The theme of the night was energetic and fun, and the real dedication to the music felt by both those on-stage and off brought a refreshing sense of reciprocity to the experience. 

The show opened featuring Arclite and Mosaiq, and both were successful in pumping up the crowd and building the excitement, really utilizing their time on stage and making the room forget that they were anything but the main event. Arclite started the show on the right foot, playing a combination of its originals and remixes, setting the tone for the night and getting everyone on their feet. Its music, which has been heard in the soundtrack of the popular show “Dexter,” pulled in the attention of the crowd and stimulated them from the start.

Mosaiq took the stage as the show was really picking up, and he demonstrated his digital prowess as he animatedly manipulated the soundboard to the thrill of the crowd. 

Mosaiq has recently changed his official moniker from “Pointblank” to “Mosaiq” just in time for his new project, as he is in the middle of introducing a new genre he has developed which he calls “psy-trap.” Saturday night marked the first public display of this genre, as he put forth tracks that seemed to transcend the dubstep genre and really intrigue listeners.

By the time Figure took the stage, the audience was eager to hear the promised new tracks and familiar remixes, and the DJ definitely delivered. Letting his music speak for himself, Figure played a number of tracks that flowed together, bringing back his well-known track, “Frankenstein” complete with subtle undertones of the horror genre.

A clear crowd favorite, and one of his self-proclaimed new tracks was an innovative remix of Nirvana’s classic American rock song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Figure was very relaxed and impassioned in his presentation, radiating with a love for the atmosphere and the crowd’s reception of his songs. As he casually swigged a Bud Light, his tracks didn’t skip a single invigorating beat, and not one viewer was standing still as crowd members donned glow sticks and raised their fists to the creatively placed bass drops.

Overall, the night was a success. The crowd stayed strong until the very last song and the exhilarating atmosphere never faltered. As Figure continues to make a name for himself in the world of electro house and dance music, it’s safe to say he expanded his fan base this weekend.

To those still unfamiliar with the musical styling of Figure, Arclite and Mosaiq, their tracks can be heard on

With a renewed sense of admiration for the main attraction, concert-goers left looking satisfied as they wiped the dance-induced sweat off their brow, their ringing ears a classic souvenir of a night well spent.

Danielle Allen can be reached at [email protected].

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