Amherst Police Department Log: Friday, Sept. 13 to Monday, Sept. 16

By Mary Reines


Liquor license violation arrests: 16

Liquor license violation summons: 9

Noise complaints: 33

Vehicle crashes: 6

Vehicle stops: 18


On Saturday at 12:25 a.m., an officer was struck in the back of the neck with a full beer can by an inebriated youth while arresting an uncooperative woman for a liquor law violation at 35 Butterfield Terrace. The youth was part of a crowd surrounding the woman who was under arrest. The youth was not approached by police and remained anonymous.

According to Amherst Police Detective David Foster, these drunken assaults on police officers are a growing problem, as one also occurred last weekend during the massive daytime gathering at Townehouse Apartments.


Friday, Sept. 13

6:08 p.m. An ice cream truck was allegedly parked in front of caller’s apartment at 497 East Pleasant Street for over 20 minutes, still running and playing music. Caller believed that the truck’s operator was in another apartment visiting friends. Operator said that his friend resides in Village Park and that he has a permit to sell there. He showed his permit. There was no illegal activity.


Saturday, Sept. 14

2:27 a.m. Caller reported a group of people across the street from the Harp on 163 Sunderland Road allegedly attempting to get a goat’s head free from a wire fence. Caller was concerned that the group would be struck by a car and for the goat’s safety. Police freed the goat’s head by cutting the wire. There was no illegal activity.

2:51 a.m. Five males allegedly threw a brick through the back window of a car parked by 465 North Pleasant Street. The perpetrators were not found.


Sunday, Sept. 15

1:37 a.m. A male was found on 1 Main Street with American flags stuffed up his sleeves. He claimed that he wanted them because he was from France. He was asked to relinquish the flags and received no charges.

4:18 a.m. A laptop was allegedly stolen from apartment 3 at 630 Main Street.

11:28 a.m. A laptop was allegedly stolen from apartment 2 at 630 Main Street. Forced entry suspected through a front window that was unlocked.

1:35 p.m. A laptop was allegedly stolen from 374 North Pleasant Street. Residents left a window open. No forced entry suspected.

3:38 p.m. A woman called about her son who was struck in the face by an unknown person. Her son’s jaw was broken in two places and he did not know where he was when he was assaulted. He was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital.

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