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The legend continues in second season of “Korra”

After the long hiatus following Book 1, “The Legend of Korra” is finally back. Fans have been patiently waiting for Book 2, entitled “Spirits.” The release date has been pushed back many times, causing confusion all around. Now that it’s back, “Korra” promises to show the eponymous heroine as she learns to get in touch with her spiritual side.


“The Legend of Korra” is a spin-off of the incredibly successful Nickelodeon show, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” As a successor to that franchise, “Korra” has made quite an impression on fans both old and new. The first season, “Air,” told the story of the new Avatar while squeezing in references from the previous series to create a comfortable atmosphere for old fans. After building a solid foundation in the first season, show creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino were given the go-ahead to produce three more seasons.

This season has undergone one major change from last season, however: the original animators at Studio Mir in South Korea have stepped away from the show.

Mir had been debating during the hiatus whether or not to work on “The Legend of Korra” or “The Boondocks.” Due to concerns over the exhaustive nature of animating “Korra,” the Mir team decided to go with “The Boondocks.”

“As the creators of “Korra” looked for a replacement, Mir executive director Jae Myung Yoo commented that Japanese animators couldn’t adapt to new styles of work. Yoo argued that Korean animators were more willing to compromise their artistic predisposition. Nevertheless, “Korra” show-runners have decided to use Studio Pierrot in Japan to animate Book 2.”

Fans can rest easy, however, as Studio Mir will come back for a special two-part episode. However, those episodes will feature radically different artwork from past efforts in the “Avatar” universe. According to a Nickelodeon representative, these episodes will be reminiscent of “traditional East Asian ink wash paintings and woodblock prints.”

What can fans expect out of Book 2? As an ongoing plot from Book 1, viewers will watch as Korra continues to try to master airbending. The only way she can do this is if she goes to the spirit world to get in touch with her spiritual side. At the same time, there is a storm raging between the spirit world and the physical world. Korra must restore the balance between both worlds even though she does not know how to. We also watch as a new villain develops during this process. No information has been released on who that villain will be.

Despite the potential scope and intricacies of the main plot, some fans are more concerned about Korra and her firebending boyfriend, Mako. “Makorra” fans have waited to see their interactions develop throughout the first season. Adding a little flavor to that romantic drama, audiences should still expect the same hilarious Bolin to offer his perspective on their relationship. A lot of theories have been made by fans during the break. Will we see Azula? Zuko? Lin Beifong’s father? These questions are still waiting for answers.

We have only received bits and pieces on “Spirits.” The actors themselves have assured multiple times that they do not know anything. After a hugely successful premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, it is safe to assume that this season will live up to the hype. There is “Spirits” will be what every “Avatar” fan has been waiting for.

Rachel Arlin can be reached at [email protected].

Editor’s note: In the original version of this story, The Collegian inaccurately reflected the views of Studio Mir by commenting that it “recommended the show continue working with Korean artists.” It has since been removed. The Collegian regrets this error.

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