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MaXXXine trailer: Bodaciously fearful

Ti West’s new piece is the third film of the Mia Goth-starring horror franchise
Photo courtesy of IMDb

Warning: Contains spoilers.

A24 has released a second prequel in the “X” franchise,MaXXXine.” I have followed the “X” trilogy ever since the first movie came out, and the unique storyline and aesthetic have contributed to it becoming such a successful franchise for A24. The storyline and imagery are both frightening and exciting. I’ve always loved the iconic moments from the past two movies with iconic screams, kills and cinematography. Some of the quotes are unforgettable, such as “I’m a star,” and “I will not accept a life I do not deserve!” They will no doubt become part of iconic horror film history.

The “X” trilogy follows the 1979 story of a girl named Maxine “Max” Minx, an amateur adult film star traveling the road with her friends and her boyfriends for filming, hoping that one day she can become a real Hollywood star. Unfortunately, as they use a farm for shelter, the peculiar elderly couple on the farm lead Maxine’s friends to a terrifying end, with Maxine escaping and becoming the only survivor. The first prequel in the trilogy, “Pearl,” tells the backstory of the disturbing old lady on the farm. The movie reveals her same aspirations of fame, like  Maxine, but she was unsuccessful due to her lack of talent and delusional narcissism.

In the continuation of the trilogy, viewers are transported back to 1985, when Maxine ventures into Hollywood stardom. The trailer shows that Maxine is excited to get a role in an upcoming horror movie that will launch her fame. Meanwhile, Maxine is under investigation for her suspicious past, and there is a serial killer called the Night Stalker rampant in Los Angeles. This adds an ominous layer to the narrative.

The trailer suggests that the police view Maxine with suspicion, leaving viewers wondering if she’s a potential victim or the elusive Night Stalker herself. The moniker Night Stalker was  coined by Los Angeles media for American serial killerRichard Ramirez, who was convicted for the murders of 13 Los Angeles residents and committed numerous sexual assaults from 1984 to 1985.

The connection between the Night Stalker in the film and Ramirez, whether coincidental in name only or possibly inspired by him, remains unclear. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this character will be portrayed throughout the film.

There is a masterful blend of fashion and imagery that immerses viewers in the vibrant, electro-pop and maximalist aesthetic of the 1980s. They present the characters in bright suits and denim, oversized accessories, colorful makeup and big, crimped hair. The more Maxine’s career elevates, so too does her makeup and style.  Her style symbolizes the rise of her now blooming lifestyle. She wears denim outfits in both “X” and “MaXXXine,” but her outfit in the trailer seems more elevated and fit for her age. The cast is also star-packed with stars like Halsey, Lily Collins, Bobby Cannavale and Giancarlo Esposito. With this all-star ensemble, there is hope that the acting and cinematography is top tier enough for another blockbuster.

There have been controversies shrouding the new “MaXXXine” film and Mia Goth. A lawsuit against Goth came out in February alleging that she kicked her co-worker, James Hunter, in the head. According to Rolling Stone, it is alleged that a background actor was playing dead and cautioned Goth not to step on him.

The lawsuit is ongoing, and until the court proceedings unfold fully, the complete story remains unclear. However, the court of public opinion continues to weigh in on the matter. The lawsuit may affect how fans view her and possibly viewership of the movie itself when it is released on July 5, 2024.

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