Foreigner rocks the Calvin Theatre

By Andy Castillo

(Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian)
(Cade Belisle/Daily Collegian)

NORTHAMPTON — The 1980’s came to town with long hair, open-collared shirts and driving beats so epic that one excited person from the audience threw her socks onto the stage.

Lisa Raymond, a Vermont resident, made the trek through the post-snowstorm apocalypse to see Foreigner perform to a packed Calvin Theater crowd Tuesday night. Referring to “Jukebox Hero,” one of the band’s bigger hits and a crowd favorite, she said, “I grew up listening to that song.”

With silky-smooth vocals warm enough to melt the snow outside, Foreigner’s front man Kelly Hansen led the jubilant crowd into a frenzy late which lasted late into the night. The intimate and elegant interior of the Calvin Theater allowed for a more personable concert experience. At one point, Hansen even climbed over the seats and stood in the middle of the crowd, and used audience members’ cellphones to take selfies.

The band performed famous and memorable power-ballads such as “Double Vision,” “Cold as Ice,” “Urgent” in addition to “Jukebox Hero.”

But it was not all fun and games on Tuesday night. The band had a purpose for playing.

“Proceeds from the concert are going toward high-school choral groups,” said Alexis Farrington, a student at Northampton High School.

She and fellow students were selling CDs and auctioning off a guitar signed by the members of Foreigner at the front entrance. The band, in collaboration with the Grammy Foundation, has donated thousands of dollars to help keep music programs alive in schools across the country.

So far, they have raised over $500,000 in support of music education. The Northamptones, a music group from Northampton High School, are the benefactors of the grant. The students performed on-stage during the last song of the Foreigners show and walked off to a standing ovation.

Photos by Cade Belisle

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Correction 3/10/15: A previous version of this story misidentified Foreigner’s singer as Mick Jones. The singer is Kelly Hansen; Mick Jones did not perform at the Calvin on February 10th.