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The many ice cream flavors of Flayvors

Official Flayvors of Cook Farm Facebook Page
Official Flayvors of Cook Farm Facebook Page

As the warm weather cools, and the pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider start to circulate, it seems as though the convention of enjoying ice cream dies down for the winter. Everybody says a firm “sayonara” to the mint chocolate chip cones and hot fudge sundaes, and prepares for the brutal cold.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter how cold the weather gets, how harsh the wind becomes, or even how much snow piles up on the ground, it can always be ice cream season.

All it takes is a pint, a cup, a cone, or even a scoop to bring back the joy of ice cream season.

Lucky for us here in the Pioneer Valley, one of the best creameries in the area is open year round: Flayvors of Cook Farm in Hadley.

Flayvors is a very unique creamery with a local atmosphere. Cook Farm itself has been around since 1909, and it only more recently opened up its creamery in 1998, something the family had always dreamed of. And ever since then, Flayvors has been serving up unique flavors to locals and tourists, far and near.

One of the things that Flayvors prides itself on is its roots. As the story goes, according to a framed picture in the creamery, in 1985, Cook Farm acquired a cow named Fayvor, That cow went on to give birth to 13 daughters and one son. And so the majority of their current population of cows today are descendants of Fayvor, and can be visited by all who go to the creamery.

(Jessica Chaiken/Daily Collegian)
Jessica Chaiken/Daily Collegian
(Jessica Chaiken/Daily Collegian)

When you arrive at Flayvors, it’s pretty hard to miss the row of cows, both old and young, waiting there to greet you. This is partly because of the strong stench that surrounds the cows, but also because of their gentle and friendly faces. These are the dairy cows of Cook Farm, and they produce the milk that is then processed for use, and churned into fresh ice cream to be sold.

Flayvors makes their ice cream twice a week, so it is always fresh and not mass-produced like that of chain ice cream franchises and store-bought brands.

The flavors at Flayvors are authentic, in both taste and combination. From the first bite, you can tell that nothing is artificial, but rather fresh and authentic.

Debby Cook, a part of the Cook family and manager of Flayvors, said that their most popular flavor is “Inez,” which is made with coconut ice cream, almonds and chocolate chips. Another popular flavor is “Cookie Monster,” which is vanilla ice cream that is dyed blue with Oreos and cookie dough pieces.

But of course you can’t go wrong with any of their other flavors. They have an amazing Mint Chocolate Chip and a delectable Java Chip. Their other unique flavors include ginger, vanilla malt and “Cow Spots,” which is vanilla with fudge swirl and miniature peanut butter cups.

Flayvors also sells sherbet, sorbet and frozen yogurt for all of you trendy ice cream-eaters out there.

There is a definitely a distinctive and rustic atmosphere at Flavyors of Cook Farm that captures the essence of a simpler time. With cows and chickens out and about, and a rural location, the farm takes visitors back to a time before industrialization.
A mere five-minute drive from the Hampshire Mall, Flayvors is a not-so-distant escape from the crowds and the hustle and bustle of the University of Massachusetts. It really has that small-town feel to it, even though it is so close to suburbia.

Living in western Massachusetts, it is essential that you give Flayvors a try. Through their dedication to the community and their efforts to make the most genuine and fresh products, Flayvors of Cook Farm brings together the Pioneer Valley in the sweetest way possible: spreading joy, one Flayvor at a time.

Jessica Chaiken can be reached at [email protected].

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