Students wait for hours to get Spring Concert tickets

By Stuart Foster

Erica Lowenkron/Daily Collegian)
(Erica Lowenkron/Daily Collegian)

Some University of Massachusetts students waited several hours to purchase their tickets to the 2016 Spring Concert, as a line at the Mullins Center box office circled the arena’s concourse.

Students began lining up as early as 8 a.m. Monday morning to buy their tickets to the show, which features performances from Fetty Wap, Logic and Tinashe on April 17 at the Mullins Center. Hundreds of students waited in line to secure their spot.

The line persisted throughout the day, with wait times averaging anywhere from two to five hours. Mullins Center security guards, meanwhile, enforced rules against cutting the line.

“People try to cut and it’s not working out,” said Jose Abarca, a freshman studying Natural Sciences. “They’re kind of serious about it now.”

Abarca, who was midway through the line at 12 p.m., said he had been waiting in line since 10 a.m., although he said he had expected to wait for a long amount of time. He said he was motivated to stand in the line in order to see rapper Logic, one of the performers set to play at the spring concert.

“I need to see this man live,” Abarca said. “The Snapchats of his concert just look amazing.”

Elena Zaren, who was working at the Mullins Center to prevent people from cutting the line, said that people had been waiting in line before 8 a.m. to acquire tickets.

Zaren said that many students were coming in and out of the Mullins Center throughout the entire period of time tickets were on sale for, and that it was frustrating to see people attempt to cut the line.

“I wish people were more honest and didn’t cut because they’re taking away seats from people who have been here for hours,” she said.

One man waiting to buy tickets, John Bartlasky, had been waiting in line for an hour and thirty minutes and said he had not expected to wait so long.

Bartlasky said that he was not sure if the waiting period for people buying tickets could have been shortened, although he said he was upset with the length of time it was taking.

“I don’t see how it takes so long for them to just see a U-Card and give out a ticket,” he said.

Bartlasky, a New Jersey native, also said that he decided to stay in line to see Fetty Wap, a rapper from the same state as him.

“He has a place in my heart forever, so I have to come see him,” he said.

The 2016 Spring Concert will be held on April 17 at the Mullins Center.

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