Vitale/Wallace given 24-hour suspension, other tickets face warnings

By Robert Rigo

Robert Rigo/Collegian

The incumbent ticket of Student Government Association President Anthony Vitale and Vice President Lily Wallace was suspended Saturday; warnings were given to the Nathalie Amazan/Timmy Sullivan ticket and Lincoln Duong’s solo ticket.

The Vitale/Wallace ticket was suspended for 24 hours effective Saturday at 12:37 a.m. for using Registered Student Organization resources to display “approved printed propaganda.” A previous bylaw infraction which was cited Thursday night and screenshot evidence is what led the Elections Commission to make their unanimous decision.

According to Vice President Wallace, a campaign worker for the incumbent ticket saw that there was an Amazan/Sullivan poster in the lock-box poster boards in the hall connecting the Student Union to the Campus Center so they hung up Vitale/Wallace posters.

“To be completely honest we have been in such a hard place doing the job of president and vice president while also trying to campaign so today we are just enjoying the benefits of a successful Mullins Live,” Wallace said. “It’s been a wild week. I’m too busy reliving 2010,” Wallace added.

Elections Chancellor Ryan Jackson was contacted for comment but could not be reached at this time.

Voting for the SGA president, vice president and student trustee is two days away, with polls opening March 6 and ending March 8. All candidates are still expected to participate in Sunday’s executive debate, hosted by the Collegian.

Lincoln Duong’s ticket, which received a 48-hour suspension Thursday evening, was given an additional warning for a non-campaign worker supporting the presidential candidate using social media during Duong’s suspension period.

The Commission said that Duong must immediately communicate with the non-campaign worker requesting that they stop campaigning and/or soliciting during a time of suspension, according to the meeting minutes.

Duong’s 48 hours suspension was not expanded with the warning he received and is scheduled to end this evening at 9:21 p.m.

Freshmen ticket of Amazan/Sullivan also received a warning for using RSO resources to display approved printed propaganda; this is their first bylaw infraction.

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