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Five types of sweaters you need in your closet now

Time to bundle up and stock up on these must-have sweaters
(Creative Commons: MissDaisyKnits)

I know what you’re thinking. How could anyone be thinking about sweaters after last week’s heat wave? I understand that a sweater is the last thing you would want to wear right now. But you have to acknowledge that soon (hopefully) the weather will cool down and we’ll all have to pull out our fresh fall fashions.

If there is any article of clothing that perfectly describes fall, it has to be the sweater. Sweaters are one of the most comfortable yet versatile pieces you can have in your ensemble this fall. You can create a cozy outfit, or even dress them up (if you’re up to the challenge). Whichever style you go for this fall, it’s important to have a variety of sweaters to choose from. Here are five sweaters you want to keep on your radar this season.


Oversized Sweaters


My freshman year RA gave this oversized sweater to me and it’s my favorite.

If fall could be described in two words, they would be “comfortable” and “chic”. Sweaters do a great job of encompassing both of these aspects of fall fashion. You get to feel good while looking good, and the oversized sweater does a great job at that.

On one hand, they can be worn in their most cozy state with soft leggings and warm fuzzy socks. On the flip side, they can be upgraded into a more stylish outfit. Take for instance Ariana Grande’s use of the oversized sweater. She usually rocks it as a dress, with thigh high boots to create a nifty look. Both sides of the spectrum are great and can be effortlessly recreated.


Light Sweaters

Though this isn’t a color I would normally pick for myself, it’s beautiful.

Fall is a really interesting season in terms of weather, with some days being scorching and others cool in temperature. It can be a challenge when you’re trying to figure out what kinds of clothes you need for school. When it comes to picking sweaters for fall, one that you definitely want to have in your suitcase is a light sweater. Light in this case can refer to both the heaviness of the sweater and the color.

For example, my sweater pictured above is not made of thick material. Though it has some weight to it, it’s breathable, allowing me to wear it during warmer days. It’s also a light purple color which won’t make me as hot. We all know that darker clothing attracts more heat, so opting for a light color and material will benefit you more than you think.


Turtleneck Sweaters

You almost get a free scarf with the turtleneck sweater.

Who remembers their parents dressing them up in tight turtleneck sweaters when they were a kid? Honestly, those sweaters were the worst. But if anyone knows anything about fashion, then they know that styles that were once disliked are now trends.

The turtleneck sweater is an essential sweater to have because you get two main functions out of it. One, you get a cute sweater that you can pair with almost any outfit and two, you get a warm pseudo-scarf that protects your neck. On top of all that, you don’t have to worry about accessorizing because the turtleneck does it for you. Overall, you save some money with this sweater.


Colorblock Sweaters

Color blocking is a unique way to add color within an outfit. It’s when there are chunks of color in different parts of a specific clothing item. For example, you can have a sweater that has a section of blue on the sleeve, a yellow stripe on the torso and a red section on the shoulder. It’s a visually appealing concept that catches anyone’s eye.

This is a risky sweater but it’s worth investing in. The different colors allow you to create a variety of outfits you may have thought don’t go well together. Since there are different sections of color you get the opportunity to style the outfit anyway you want. You can select a specific color to highlight and make that a running theme throughout your outfit. Plus, it’s a conversation starter piece.


Funky/Outside-The-Box Sweater

It may feel like there are set fashion rules, and if you break them you will be punished by the fashion icons – this is not true. Fashion has no rules and it’s unique to each individual person. This is why I suggest having at least one outside-the-box sweater in your wardrobe.

There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe, because that guarantees the ability to make an assortment of outfits. But having a funky sweater will always be a showstopper. A funky sweater can come in various shapes, colors, styles, prints and more. You can find a sweater with fringe sleeves, or an abstract print, or a punch of zippers throughout or holes that have mesh in them. Whatever outside-the-box sweater you choose, remember to rock it with confidence.

Fall fashion wouldn’t be fall fashion without some sweaters in your collection, so be sure to go grab a few for this fall season.

Cynthia Ntinunu can be reached at [email protected].


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  • A

    AmySep 13, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Thanks but where is the consideration of other cultures/ What about type of winter clothing asians typically like to wear???/ I thought the collegian wa supposed to be about diversity? Oh wait the left is all about diversity except for Asians.

    • C

      Cynthia NtinunuSep 18, 2018 at 1:41 pm

      Hey Amy!

      Thank you for commenting. Since I do not personally know much about winter clothing that people in the Asian community wear, I don’t feel like I would do the story justice. I want to be respectful when it comes to different cultures. I am not part of the Asian community so my knowledge is very limited. But maybe you can write a piece for the Collegian about that winter clothing. I think it would be really cool!


    • L

      Liz DiamondSep 18, 2018 at 10:47 pm

      Hi Amy! I’m not the author of this article so I can’t speak to their intentions, but I don’t think this article has anything specific to do with race? I think it’s just cool comfy clothes the author is personally suggesting are fashionable right now and those suggestions are applicable to everyone, redgardless of race! I think that if you’re more interested in seeing specifically Asian clothing trends this fall perhaps you could do your own research and submit your own article to the Collegian so you can see firsthand how committed they are to diverse articles- even if this one doesn’t fit your extremely specific interests. 🙂