Letter: Support write-in Jo Comerford for state Senate

Mother and son duo share support for write in state Senate candidate Jo Comerford


(Jo Comerford for State Senate/ Facebook)

By Letters to the Editor

When my 13-year-old son, Jasper Graham, became inspired by the activism of the Parkland students, he wanted to volunteer for Jo Comerford’s campaign for state Senate. Comerford immediately took him on board. She created an opportunity for the future generation of leaders effortlessly, while managing the enormous undertaking of a campaign. This is how she works. Comerford holds the big vision. She understands how to get things done while holding the hearts and needs of those she is working with and for. On the busiest canvassing days, she has selflessly taken the time out of her schedule to drop off my son at sleepovers, make sure he has sunscreen and open the door for him to become a powerful and engaged political human. She manages to get it all done even when working hard on the campaign. Comerford works to create good, and understands how to be effective, whether it is as a parent, as a neighbor, as an organizer or as a leader.

Here’s how my son worded it in his phone bank message:

“Hi, this is Jasper Graham.

I am a 13-year-old volunteer for Jo Comerford’s run for state Senate as a write-in candidate. And, although I am not eligible to vote, if I could, I would definitely vote for Jo. After all, when Jo Comerford headed the National Priorities Project, the organization was nominated for a Nobel Prize for their analysis of the U.S. military budget.

At advocacy group MoveOn she worked to raise the minimum wage to $15, pursue universal health care and close the inequality gap.”

On Sept. 4, for the first time, I am writing in a candidate for state Senate. I truly believe we have the rare opportunity to elect an leader by voting for Jo Comerford.


Emily Rosenfeld

Jo Comerford for State Senator