You are the sun to me

Loving a stranger isn’t all that it seems


Alexandra Molloy/Collegian Correspondent

By Alexandra Molloy, Collegian Correspondent

I want to say I love you

But I do not know you.


I want to say I know you

But I have not met you.


You are the sun to my eyes

You are so bright that you make me blind

To the point where my sight hurts!


You hurt me and you do not even know it yet.

And I do not think you ever will, will you?

After all, I am just the clouds blocking you

From the person you are reaching out to.


You are the sun rays that kiss that person’s skin

And I’m just that fling of clouds that the wind passes on through.


I wish I could be that person

Instead of just being clouds to you.


Alexandra Molloy can be reached at [email protected]