Anxiety burns

Anxiety, the one thing we could live without


(McKenna Premus/Daily Collegian)

By Alexandra Molloy, Collegian Staff

Anxiety is like a flame

Both burn and burn

Flickering in and out of a dark room

But unlike a flame

Anxiety cannot be just “snuffed out”

Anxiety cannot just “run away”

No, in fact, it makes me want to run away


Anxiety has me in a triangle choke

And I lack the skills to get out from its legs

A flame is like anxiety

Both illuminate

Except while a flame keeps the demons at bay,

Anxiety holds onto them without my say

Anxiety is desperate

It’s instinct

It’s a survival mechanism

One that we don’t need

To have lit most of our lives

Anxiety is a seductive whisper

One that I resist listening to

Until its voice entraps me

With the sound of banshee

I always mistake as the song of the siren

Anxiety is like a sunset seen on campus

There shining bright in moment,

And gone in the next

All it takes is

One long blink of the eyes


Alexandra Molloy can be reached at [email protected]