Letter: Submit writing and artwork to The Scribe magazine

Get your creative works published

Photo by Amelia Shaw

Photo by Amelia Shaw

By Catherine Riordan , Letter Contributor

The Scribe is calling all artists! For any writer, poet or photographer at the University of Massachusetts looking to step up and submit their work, The Scribe is currently accepting pieces for their spring edition.

The Scribe is a literary magazine published by the College of Humanities and Fine Arts that displays the original work of UMass students. According to The Scribe’s editor-in-chief, senior Emily Cerri, the priority deadline is March 4, and the hard deadline is March 19. Anyone in any major is allowed to submit content to the literary magazine. Sophomore Aliya Yu, a chemistry major, contributed a charcoal portrait to The Scribe. She said, “My whole schedule is based on science, so just the thought that I could contribute something to the arts… it makes me happy.”

The Scribe is published by students who are a part of the Humanities and Fine Arts Student Leadership Board, which meets every Tuesday from 8 to 9 p.m. in South College Room E470. All students are welcome to come to meetings to contribute to The Scribe or any other HFASLB projects. Students from any majors are also welcome at meetings; all you need is an interest in art.

Having your art published in The Scribe benefits not only the magazine, but also you. According to Cerri, “Publishing looks good on a resume. It’s a good way to get your artwork out. If you want publicity for your work, it’s a good way to be seen.”

To submit a piece to The Scribe, send it to [email protected] “We encourage anybody of all majors to submit to The Scribe,” Cerri said. “Typically, people submit poetry, nonfiction, short story, artwork, photography, stuff like that.” Anyone can submit and the submissions will be narrowed down until the best make it into the magazine at the end of the semester.

It’s important to not be afraid to share your work. But even if you are, you can still submit your work anonymously. The Scribe wants to hear and see the creativity of all students at UMass. The beauty of The Scribe is that its audience can see other students’ perspectives. Even if The Scribe does not publish your work of art, there is always next semester to try again!

If you are looking to not only publish your work, but also to present it in front of a crowd, the Humanities and Fine Arts Student Leadership Board is also putting on a showcase where you can show the world your art in person through visual art, poetry, song, spoken word and more. This showcase will be Wednesday, April 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To become a part of the showcase you can submit your work to this link. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your friends your talents, passions and hobbies.

If you are looking to view your fellow students’ art or writing, this spring’s edition of the magazine will be online only at The Scribe’s upcoming website. If you’re interested in learning more about The Scribe, you can follow @UMassScribe on Twitter. 

Catherine Riordan

Humanities and Fine Arts Student Leadership Board