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A free and responsible press serving the UMass community since 1890

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A free and responsible press serving the UMass community since 1890

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Special Issue: Translations


Why we translate

The Editorial Board explains why the Collegian has become a multilingual paper.

The Collegian’s translation process

How the Translations Department works and how they handle ethical issues.

‘What I love about the language’

Various translators and editors share what they love about the language they work in at the Collegian.

Video: ‘Why I translate’

Meet our Translations Department and learn more about why we translate.

Special issue in print


Here’s what some professional journalists and translators have to say about the Translations Department:

Bryannyagara Barboza, translator and English language learning (ELL) teacher at Amherst Regional Public Schools

“A multilingual publication is important because it is reflective of the multicultural community it addresses and serves. It is a way for the many voices to speak and be heard. For many, like myself, who have ventured into a foreign country, seeing my language written is welcoming and empowering, for that it acknowledges me, here.”

Görkem Cilam, assistant director of the Translations Center at the University of Massachusetts

“I applaud the Translation Department of the Daily Collegian for not leaving behind the ‘other’ and keeping all of the community members informed of news as much as possible. This is one of those initiatives that reminds us of our significant differences (language, perception, social/cultural awareness and upbringing) and yet brings us together through accessibility and gives us a chance to respond to critical news, influence and shape policy as a truly global diverse community that we are.”

Lisa Creamer, digital news editor and producer at WBUR, Collegian alum

“The Collegian’s incredible effort to translate its campus and local news stories is of profound importance. The translations ensure greater access to news for everyone in the UMass Amherst community. It’s an ambitious and worthy goal that has been executed with excellence, offering a true service other media organizations — collegiate or not — should aspire to implement.”

Regina Galasso, director of the Translations Center at the University of Massachusetts

“I don’t think there is any other college newspaper in the country that does something like this. Congratulations! Not only does the Translations Department of the Collegian provide a more inclusive environment for our community, but your efforts also support and inspire our students.”

Lindsay Sabadosa, state representative, 1st Hampshire District

“I’m so impressed with the Collegian being a multilingual publication. Not only is it appropriate for students to be able to access the news in their native language, but it gives students learning another language real, practical exposure to the way thoughts and ideas are expressed in a different language.

“There is no better way to experience another culture than by learning the language to discover how it handles various concepts and how its grammar and structure both limit and expand communication as compared to another language. I applaud the Collegian for taking on all the challenges involved in being a multilingual publication. The rewards are well worth it.”

S.P. Sullivan, statehouse reporter at NJ Advance media, Collegian alum

“Truth has no native tongue. Accountability comes in every dialect. Sunlight has many accents. A community that can speak to itself in any language is stronger, better and more honest for having difficult conversations everyone understands.”

Samantha Wood, executive director of Artspace Community Arts Center

“You have a multilingual campus; the newspaper should serve that community. By recruiting a multilingual news staff from multiple disciplines, this builds a more dynamic range of perspectives that has a chance of reflecting your potential readers and informing your choices.

“When we speak multiple languages, it affects the ways we contextualize the world, and we learn there are many ways of seeing things. This would be a very good idea for any news staff. I am very glad to know it is happening at the University of Massachusetts.”


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