How to mix summer fashion with fall fashion

Transform your fall wardrobe


Eva Trainer

By Riti Jain, Collegian Contributor

It’s that time of the year when you go to class all bundled up, and you come out sweating, wishing you were back on the beach. New England’s early fall months can feel like a mix of seasons. It’ll feel like July one day and December the next, which makes finding that perfect outfit even more challenging.

Fall might seem to be the time for deep red and brown tones, but don’t be afraid to add some lighter colors and florals to your outfit. The transition of seasons calls for a mix of summer and fall/winter fashion. To get adjusted to the New England temperatures, we’ll need to find the perfect combination of different seasonal pieces.

You can hold onto the summer dresses, skirts and shorts a little longer. Take your favorite skater dress or flowy skirt and add a cropped knit sweater over it to create a nice balance between the thicker and lighter fabrics. You can also add a plain tee or turtleneck under your dress for a cute, layered look. On the chillier days, add a pair of tights to add more warmth and some extra texture to your outfit. Denim shorts are a summer staple, but for those warmer fall days, add a flannel to your otherwise regular summer outfit.

Layering becomes an essential part of your outfit during these transitional periods. It can be windy one second, and the sun peeks out through the clouds the next. Grab your breezy camis, tank tops, or fun graphic tees and add an extra layer over it. You could add a cardigan for a dressier look or try a bomber jacket for an edgier outfit. Wear them with your favorite pair of jeans, trousers, or a pair of classic black leggings.

During this time, you may not want to take out your giant puffer jacket; instead, opt for lighter outerwear. Try a coatigan: the perfect hybrid of a coat and a cardigan. For rainy or windy days, wear a trench coat or a colorful windbreaker. And, if you’re looking for a fun, light layer to go on top of an otherwise basic outfit, add a denim or leather jacket or a blazer for a more formal look.

Some days it can be difficult to get out from under the covers and out of your warm pajamas and fuzzy socks. For those of us that prefer comfort over fashion and want to feel like we’re still in bed even when standing up, I’ve got you covered. Try a sherpa jacket or pullover. It feels like you’re practically wearing a blanket. Oversized hoodies and sweaters are always a great option, too. You can also style them differently to add more pizazz to the look. Wearing a turtleneck under your sweater adds another pop of texture. Or layer a denim jacket over a sweatshirt; it’ll fool people into thinking you put more of an effort into your outfit than you actually did.

Now for my favorite: shoes! Obviously, fall is the time to take out those boots from the back of your closet. Ankle booties can be styled in several ways. A little heeled bootie works perfectly with any dress, wide-leg jeans or cropped pants. Taller boots also go great with shorter skirts and dresses. If boots aren’t your thing, and you want a sportier and more relaxed look, sneakers are a great alternative. Invest in some hi-tops or chunky sneakers and pair them with longer socks that peek out for a more put-together look.

Accessories are another thing to love about the fall season. Wrapping a chunky knit scarf around yourself is a great way to bundle up for the colder mornings. However, during the warmer weather, it might be too much. Instead, opt for a lighter cotton scarf for some warmth and as an accessory. It’s also time to take out those beanies. A knit beanie can go a long way. It can be dressed up or down, and it protects your head from the strong winds. This year don’t forget your face mask. You don’t want to get sick or give anything to someone else.

Looking for convenience, some people may not like having to wear layers that they will later get hot in and have to take off and hold onto. If that’s the case, there’s an easy solution to taking off that layer and look even more fashionable. Tying your sweatshirt around your waist can be a great solution, but it doesn’t work all the time. If you’re wearing a blazer or light jacket, drape it over your shoulders for a sophisticated and chic look that still keeps you warm, but not too warm.

Now, enjoy the candy corn, the pumpkin spice latte, the cinnamon-scented candle and your favorite Halloween movie, all while dressed up in your perfect fall-ish outfit!

Riti Jain can be reached at [email protected]