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Wallows release ‘Remote’ (Deluxe) EP

Dive into the new, carefree songs from Wallows
Nina Ljeti

Wallows invites you to escape into a world of buoyant sounds and creative vocals within the release of the “Remote” (Deluxe) EP. Following the initial release of “Remote” in October, fans patiently waited for the new music that Wallows has been teasing for months.

On Friday, the band added three new songs — “Quarterback,” “Another Story” and “On Time”  — as well as two previously released singles — “OK” and the “OK” remix with Remi Wolf and Solomonophonic — to the track list. The remix served as a reunion for college roommates Wolf, and Wallows drummer Cole Preston. Wolf previously co-wrote “These Days” with the band, a song from their first EP “Spring.”

Wolf’s effervescent vocals and lively sounds bring light and speed to the single Wallows originally released last March. The new version of “OK” with Wolf debuted on Feb. 5, yet blends perfectly with the new tracks Wallows add with “Remote” (Deluxe).

“Quarterback,” the latest single to drop before the EP, features Preston on vocals. Prior to the release, Preston’s only vocal appearance was on the band’s cover of “With A Little Help From My Friends.” The new single begins with a bouncy, 80s-like intro before Preston begins singing, striking a with a similar tone to New Order’s “Regret” and “Blue Monday” — straying from Wallows’ vibe on their first album. The dynamic of both “OK” featuring Wolf and “Quarterback,” being released prior to the EP, set up the themes and styles of the other songs to follow.

Nina Ljeti

In addition to the song, Wallows fans were gifted with a music video for “Quarterback” on Friday, directed by Nina Ljeti. The vintage fisheye camera work and colorful location, in combination with the band’s outfits, creates a visual story that looks straight out of a John Hughes movie. Wallows took a pause from their more animated and high production music videos with this rather simplistic but authentic video that perfectly encapsulates the song.

“On Time” is another new track featuring Preston on vocals, yet this time with a much slower tone and simpler sound. The lighthearted and sunny vibe of the track are reminiscent of Animal Collective’s “Man of Oil” and David Bowie’s “Quicksand.” Even with no video for this track, Preston’s voice and the echoey undertones of the song create warm, luminous visuals.

The third and final new track, “Another Story,” is a drastic shift from the other two. With a Phoebe Bridgers-like intro, the song moves in a completely different direction. Braeden Lemasters provides the high pitch vocals, contrasting with the dark melancholic production to create a dreary and eerie atmosphere. As people begin to pick it apart, it will be interesting to see what Wallows has to say about the less than two-minute-long song.

Wallows’ style have seen a massive shift since the conception of their first album, released in March 2019. “Remote” strays from their previous pop rock dynamic and focuses more on the storytelling aspects of the record, with a more abstract and experimental sound. The trio of Dylan Minnette, Preston and Lemasters has a clear emphasis on growing and expanding through each piece that they produce.

It’s not easy to master the art of carefully crafted lyrics in the short amount of time that Wallows have been a band, but with “Remote” turning a different corner, the band could be well on their way to perfecting a dynamic enriched by catchy tunes and artful lyrics.

“Remote” (Deluxe) is out everywhere now.

Lulu Kesin can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @Lulukesin.

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