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Seventeen wants to “Rock with You”

Another classic release from the brilliant boy band
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Seventeen released another stellar collection with their ninth mini album, “Attacca.”

Before Oct. 22, their last record, “Your Choice,” gave a warm yet distilled spin on love during the warmer seasons, like spring and summer. Many speculated from the moody teaser photos what this October would sound like. The initial images are shrouded in deep reds and featured outfits akin to the stereotypical “bad boy” style. Later teasers give a sensual and intimate connection with light blue hues by the coast.

The album manages both images with great delicacy and never tips into unwarranted territory. With a title like “Attacca,” the seven-song array hits you with both sides of adolescence, describing how life evolves as you grow up. It manages to hit on points of young love, like the whimsical nature of pining and failing to let go of a once-passionate relationship, in ways I’ve never seen before.

“To you”

With a rhythmic beat underplaying sweet lyrics, the opening track perfectly introduces listeners to the album’s themes. The hopeful optimism in verses domino into a perfect chorus, and listeners feel love wrapping around them and holding close. The members’ individual traits shine tremendously in a beautiful concoction yet again. It’s a fabulous track to blast in the car while driving down the highway.

“Rock with you”

For most artists, the title track can either make or break the album’s legacy. Unsurprisingly, “Rock with You” has been beloved by listeners since the teaser’s release, and appreciation grew with the full track. The electricity is felt by the guitar and additional sound production. Multiple scenarios and images pass as the instrumentals rise. Each listen is like a snowflake, a new experience entirely. With lines like “Evеn if the world is ending, I wanna ride with you,” the intensity of love feels hopeless, yet willing to fight for. Overall, “Rock with You” is another solid title track for the accomplished group.


Most people only confide in a select few about their crush. Regardless, the opening lyrics from member DK, “You are my crush, I got a crush on you,” pack a punch. The song plays out like a romantic comedy. Both people want their crush’s attention while shying away in vain. Although the concept is redundant to many pop song lovers, you can’t help but grin at the playful attitude shining through.


The album’s main asset is the access and versatility of sub-units, given the number of people in the group. Though this subdivision is focused on visual performances, their charisma and enthusiasm leak through the song’s production and verses. Emphasizing the feeling of an intense crush, the instrumentals are bubbly and fun. The repetition of the title phrase, “PANG!” in the chorus works well with the remaining lyrics’ imagery. The comparison of a balloon popping when it’s near its love feel both familiar and new.

“Imperfect love”

With the vocal-centric subdivision, it’s no shock “Imperfect Love” is charged with powerful voices. In addition, Seventeen’s main composer and lyricist, Woozi, is part of this lineup, reiterating how much potential the song has. Fortunately, it lives up to its saddening and hopeful message. They heartbreakingly describe a love where one party feels worse off than the other. The low and somber instrumentals give this song a particular feeling of sorrow.

“I can’t run away”

An image of fast raps and gritting lyrics comes to fruition when you think about hip hop. And yes, Seventeen’s hip hop division falls into these factors at times, but with tracks like “I Can’t Run Away,” it shows another intimate side. The smooth backing is reminiscent of a longing memory that sways without direction, much like the song’s message. The haunting force omitted from the lyrics weighs deeply on them, unable to continue with life until their past significant other fades away. They question if forgetting will mend their heart or leave an empty space. While we don’t know which is best, listeners recognize how dynamic this song is.

“2 MINUS 1” – Bonus Track

The digital-only release is also the group’s first English-exclusive song. The American members, Joshua Hong and Vernon, are excellent on this track. The beginning of the song starts low, only to increase in intensity once the pre-chorus and chorus start. The lyrics are typical of a break-up song, where the singer feels better off without the other, yet remembers the times they’ve shared. This song is not bad by any means, and it sheds new light on the subject. If you like Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 You”, then I’d highly recommend this featured track.

Only 11 of the 13 group members can promote the album as of its release. Despite that, promotions are going phenomenally, with crossed fingers for future success and awards for the album and group.

Sierra Thornton can be reached at [email protected].

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