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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a college student

Single or taken, love is for everyone
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For those looking to show adoration and appreciation to their loved ones, Valentine’s Day is a great time to take a second in our busy lives and show them how much you truly care for them.

The holiday isn’t only for people in relationships. Everyone has someone special to them, and Valentine’s Day serves as a perfect time to let them know. Even if you don’t have a crush on anybody, even if you do not have a lover, you can still participate in heartwarming gestures for the people you love and appreciate most in your life. Valentine’s Day is for everybody, and single people have just as much of a right to partake.

I am currently in a fantastic relationship; we are less than three weeks away from our one-year anniversary and could not be happier. With that being said, I want to make sure our Valentine’s Day is practical — as two college students usually must — while still making it special.

Here’s five things I recommend you do for the one you care about on Feb. 14:

1. Ask them to be your valentine!

Single, taken or complicated, it really doesn’t matter. You still need to ask. It’s a big gesture for those that are single, and what might be considered a given for ones in a relationship. For the singles out there, I can understand that it isn’t always the right time to make such a seemingly blatant move, so don’t feel pressure. But at the same time, what’s the worst that could happen?

For those in a relationship, it might seem pointless to ask as many assume that their significant other is automatically their valentine.

Screw that.

It’s the simple gestures that can go a long way in a relationship. I went to a local grocery store and picked up flowers for $3 to give to my girlfriend and it made her very happy. The little things are easy and don’t take much effort. People love even the small acts that show they are thought of – an easy ask with a simple gift or card and you’re golden.

2.When the day comes, get them something that’s thoughtful

Roses and chocolates are great, and you can’t ever go wrong with those – but everyone gets them. This year, go the extra mile and let your significant other (or your dear friend) know that you think about their interests, and really want to make them happy.

My girlfriend loves hot chocolate, popcorn and fun dip, so of course I plan on including all her favorites in a special gift box individualized just for her -rather than if I just got her a classic heart-shaped box of chocolates. For those that want to get a little extra creative, last year I made a D.I.Y. bucket list jar filled with random things the two of us can do. My strategy is obviously very practical, yet for those that don’t mind splurging a bit – jewelry, clothes and even event tickets are always a fantastic idea. Don’t feel pressure to get expensive, and if you feel that from your person then they’re in it for the wrong reasons.


3.You can never go wrong with handwritten notes

The common perception among college students especially is that handwritten letters are only special for the oldies. But nobody can tell me with a straight face that a handwritten letter from someone special in your life isn’t an unmatched feeling. You don’t need to scribe a whole novel either, just keep it simple. Friend, family or significant other, the notes never fail. Retelling a saturated memory followed by why they’re such a special person to you is simple and shows that you pay attention to the smaller yet finer things in their life.


4.Don’t try and overdo it with dinner

This is especially the case for college students on a budget. For Valentine’s Day, I am going to the Hangar to eat wings with my girlfriend. Why? Because that’s what we enjoy. The basic perception about Valentine’s Day can sometimes take away from the true meaning of what it’s all about: doing the things you love with someone you adore. We could go to a high-end restaurant and feel cool for a night, but there’s no need for that when we can get the same enjoyment eating chicken wings and French fries. In the end, do what pleases the two of you the most.

One could argue an even better idea is to stay in and cook dinner together. It feels fantastic to cook a good meal, not to mention a great bonding time.


5.Do something special

 Now dinner is done and the two of you are just hanging out. The possibilities are endless of what you choose to do. I personally will be partaking in a wine night this Friday, so I don’t have to worry about classes the next morning. We will hopefully be watching Friday Night Lights with our popcorn and potentially a face mask she convinced me to do. Some men (less secure in their masculinity) will ask why I would subject myself to that, and the response is easy: I love her, and they’re actually kind of cool, so try it before you knock it.

The key is finding something you and your partner and/or buddy would love to do. That’s something I can’t give you the answers to. For those that are just getting to know that special person, take a risk and try something you feel is thoughtful and enjoyable. Again, as much as it feels like it, there’s not much to lose in one date with somebody.


Extra Credit:

To those lucky enough to have found a partner in a relationship, feel free to send love to those who are not. Of course, don’t do it in a way that rubs your relationship in their face. It could be a flower, candy or even a simple text. There’s always that one special person, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only person you care about.

And if you have the privilege of having a mother figure in your life that cherishes you, text your mom and make sure to end it with “I love you” or a heart emoji, she’s the best and she deserves to know.


Joey Aliberti can be reached at [email protected] and followed on Twitter @JosephAliberti1.

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