Letter: Make sure you’re registered to vote this National Voter Registration Day

The time is now: get out and vote


Caroline O’Connor/ Daily Collegian (2015)

By Letter Contributor

September 20th marks the 10th year celebrating National Voter Registration Day! You may be asking: what is National Voter Registration Day, or NVRD for short? NVRD is a civic holiday that celebrates democracy and activates countless organizations all for the same goal: to motivate people to get out and vote and ensure that they are registered to vote! Voting is the best way to guarantee that your opinions are heard in the local, state and national elections. Our legislators need to be able to know what you support and what changes you wish to see, and voting lets them know that!

Unfortunately, 25 percent of eligible Americans are unregistered to vote and are therefore unable to cast their vote when the time comes. That includes college students who are one of the largest voting populations in the country. Whether you’re an in-state or out-of-state student, you should make sure you’re registered to vote! You can stay registered to vote in your hometown or re-register in Amherst! If you’re registered to vote in your hometown and you are unable to be there physically on election day, request a mail-in ballot. If you’re registered to vote in Amherst, make sure that you make your way to the polls on November 3rd.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Make sure you get out and vote!

Ashley Agostinelli

Senior, Psychology and Linguistics

Chair, MASSPIRG Students