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Local band Hauzu releases a self-titled EP

Local hardcore band releases their debut four-song EP on Feb. 17
Local band Hauzu releases a self-titled EP
Courtesy of Hauzu’s Bandcamp

Local hardcore band Hauzu released their debut self-titled EP on Saturday, Feb. 17. commemorating the one-year anniversary of their first live performance at the Jones Library in Amherst. Through the past year, the band has played several gigs across western Massachusetts. The four-track release highlights the band’s dramatic and unique tone through well-produced songs.

The trio band features Ben Goodbody on guitar and vocals, Miguel Gomba on drums and Dakota Gill on bass. Both Gomba and Gill work on other local projects: Gomba has worked on Bubble Scary, Rustbucket and Ravenous Conglomerate. Gill has a breakcore project called Dialog Talk. Surprisingly, this is Goodbody’s first musical release with any project. The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, a local multitrack recording and mastering studio.

In an Instagram post announcing the EP’s release, Goodbody wrote an emotional excerpt concerning his personal battles and inspirations leading up to the debut release. Goodbody explained the songs were created throughout the summer of 2020 during the singer’s deployment in the Middle East. The post reads, “When I learned the Army was sending me to Iraq, I made my own mission: to play guitar.”

Goodbody’s sentimental post reflects that his experience in the military changed him and raised his awareness of the devastating reality of the American experience. The singer explained that his frustration towards America’s imperial oppressions became the forefront of his life. As Goodbody healed from this trauma and reflected on his experience, he realized music is essential for his personal growth.

Goodbody’s reflection signifies the raw emotion that inspired the creation of Hauzu’s debut EP. “I hope that this music may be a source of catharsis, connection, and healing on your journey,” Goodbody wrote.

The EP begins with the first track, “Ceaseless Wavering,” an electrifying metalcore-esque preface to the release. The track highlights Goodbody’s bright vocals through the track’s unblemished production. Between the harsh climaxes are delicate rests which accentuate Hauzu’s ability to establish harmony. This gentle rest serves as a smooth and captivating break before the fuzzy guitar interrupts the tranquility and introduces the final peak of the track. The song decrescendos into an organized chaos of noise, screaming as it moves seamlessly into the next.

The next track, “My Head Beneath the Waves,” begins with an intimidating bass riff that builds the foundation for the daunting intensity of the track. Through its short length, the track still successfully navigates in its robust and dramatic structure until the song fades out.

“Forgettable Noise” begins with careful chords later sparked by light distortion. The chords build up through heated distortion and a fleeting progression as the song adds its layers. Once Goodbody’s crisp vocals come into the mix, the guitar feels like it’s almost screaming with the singer. In the second half of the track, the progression falls into a mellow jam sesh.

The EP concludes with the over eight-minute track “Little Shells.” Similar to “My Head Beneath the Waves,” the song is introduced through a bass riff, yet this time it feels much more mellow than before. As the rest of the band joins, the song evolves into another metalcore-esque sound, highlighting the band’s ability to map their music’s explosive and outstanding journey. The intense song eventually falls into a finale consisting of over one minute of mysterious distortion to conclude the exciting and innovative EP.

Hauzu’s debut release is a beautifully orchestrated album that flawlessly displays each member’s undeniable talent and originality. The recording is crisp and just as exciting through each subsequent listen. Each of the project’s songs are refreshing and leave the audience wanting more. Hauzu successfully branches across multiple subgenres, including post-hardcore and screamo to craft their unique sound. With this EP, Hauzu has illustrated the foundation of their journey in exploring emotional and inspiring music.

For more updates on the band, Hauzu’s Instagram is @hauzu_noise. Fans can catch a live Hauzu performance at local venues around the Pioneer Valley.

Crissy Saucier can be reached at [email protected].

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