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Revamping millennial fashion trends

Exploring the resurgence of millennial fashion trends
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The divide between generation Z and the millennials grows every day. We have a mutual sense of dislike for each other, as well as our respective fashions. However, it’s a popularly held belief, by both parties, that millennial fashion in the 2010s was intriguing. Apparently, there’s talk about those and other questionable fashion choices making a modern comeback.

On TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms, content creators and influencers are talking about the return of this style. Some of these trends could come back with a modern twist, but most of them are outdated. While I can’t speak for everyone, I believe many people would agree that these trends should probably be retired or revamped. Let’s talk about some of the most popular trends that should see a modern transformation.

Skinny jeans

I don’t want to rag on people who like skinny jeans, but after trying on a pair of skinny jeans I had from middle school, I understand why people have some negative opinions. Picture Snoop Dogg’s slender ankles combined with Travis Kelce’s bulky thighs snug into — you thought that is what my legs looked like in those jeans. While I admire those who can pull them off, all of the different cuts and styles of jeans, many people would not be reaching for this one first.

Considering that a lot of vintage fashion has come back into style, skinny jeans are really the only design that doesn’t match well with that aesthetic. Brightly colored skinny jeans were often worn by millennials in the mid-2010s. The rise of skinny jeans and the shift toward comfort in fashion led to the popularity of jeggings. These are some of the only pants that pair well with high boots. So if you’re going for a look with some taller boots for the fall or winter, pair your skinny jeans with an oversized jacket for a chic, but greatly comfortable look.

Business casual at the club

This is one of the odder trends of the 2010s. Business casual is something you wear to a relaxed Friday at the office, not in a party atmosphere. Besides being oddly professional for a party setting, my primary concern is that those clothes are just not very comfortable. Many contemporary going-out outfits prioritize style over comfort but a tight pencil skirt is particularly restrictive on movement. Pointed heels are really harsh on the toes. I think we’d all die of a collective heat stroke if we wore this to the bars. Business casual can be cute, but it’s a matter of setting. If you want to go for a more reserved going-out look, balancing out a long top with a shorter skirt maintains a sense of modesty while being much easier to move in.

Infinity scarves

I love scarves. I love a nice, big, chunky scarf in the winter, and I think it can really elevate any winter or late fall outfit while making keeping you stylish and cozy. They’re the perfect winter accessory. However, the notion of wearing a scarf without a jacket is confusing; that is the purpose of the millennial infinity scarf. It’s a loop of thin, non-insulating fabric worn over tees and blouses that many millennial girls wore in their college days. A chunkier knit could definitely make this more modern and wearable. Paired with a puffy winter coat, some baggy jeans and a pair of cozy boots, I think this scarf could reach a next-level aesthetic.


Style experts and enthusiasts say that horizontal lines make you look wider and vertical lines make you look taller, but what do chevron lines do? They make you look trippy. It creates a contrast that is very harsh, and with the trend of simpler outfits coming into style, that harsh contrast doesn’t fit well. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that all chevron prints are bad. I think that chevron can be done very well when the lines vary in thickness or incorporate colors to break it up. However, the jarring effects of 2010s chevron print make it not as visually appealing;  size variance and adding more color improves that.

Of course there are some things that I didn’t include, like galaxy and mustache print (don’t even get me started), but the ones listed above would be the most unfortunate to our current world in fashion. I think that certain millennial trends could make a comeback, like statement necklaces coming back in the form of the gold charm necklaces and peplum tops making their return in the form of babydoll tanks and strapless tops. As time goes on, the trends that we indulge in will go out of date too, but a new year is all about putting your best self forward. My aim is to support you in embodying the most fashion-forward and authentic version of your style.

Ava Hebenstreit can be reached at [email protected].

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