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SGA discusses RSO budget process insufficiencies and appoints 12 positions for the coming semester

By Grace Lee, Collegian Staff April 28, 2022
“The cause that was sighted is that the cost breakdown was insufficient,” said Ian Goodine, expressing his frustration on behalf of the men’s club soccer team after their budget was not approved.
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Sustainable EweMass opens conversation about sustainable land management, features Hadley Farm sheep

By Ella Adams, Assistant News Editor April 28, 2022
“Small change is still change.” Sustainable EweMass explores land management, welcomes Hadley sheep to campus. 
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Campus Climate Survey data shows 90 percent of undergraduate students feel they belong at UMass at least to some extent

By Sophia Gardner, News Editor April 28, 2022
Campus Climate Survey data shows that 26 percent of Black students don’t feel like they belong at UMass ‘to any extent.’
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UMass’ removal of the mask mandate puts faculty and staff in a ‘tailspin’

By Selassie Kendrick and Sofi Shlepakov April 27, 2022
“We felt like it was a plan to lie to us and deceive us.”
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UMass announces U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern as 2022 commencement speaker

By Alex Genovese, Assistant News Editor April 26, 2022

U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern was announced as the featured speaker at the University of Massachusetts commencement ceremony according to an email sent out Tuesday. McGovern, who represents the 2nd district...

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Being in-CHAARG: more than just a fitness group

By Grace Lee, Collegian Staff April 26, 2022

Inside the Curry Hicks Cage at the University of Massachusetts, four long rows of students belonging to CHAARG stood on yoga mats filling the length of the gym. An upbeat remix of Taylor Swift’s “Willow”...

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Students are worried about the on-campus housing crisis

By Olivia Capriotti and Ariana Gonzalez April 21, 2022

Selection for student housing at the University of Massachusetts has ended early due to the high demand of students wanting to live on campus during the Fall 2022 semester. This change will affect all...

The Easthampton location of El Comalito. Photo courtesy of Lisa Totz.

A family matter

By Saliha Bayrak, Assistant News Editor April 19, 2022
The hidden experiences of family businesses across western Massachusetts and beyond.
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The Title IX Student Advisory Task Force: Where are they now?

By Jack Underhill, Collegian Staff April 19, 2022
Title IX Task Force campaigned during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
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SGA elects new speaker and associate speaker

By Sophie Hauck , Collegian Staff April 14, 2022

The University of Massachusetts Student Government Association elected Clare Sheedy as speaker and Jackie Fallon as associate speaker during their meeting on Wednesday evening. Senators nominated Senator...

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Former SGA president and vice president reflect on their unconventional term as it comes to an end

By Sophie Hauck, Collegian staff April 13, 2022
The 2021-22 legislative session started with Prabhu Rajkumar and Ben Katzman, and ended with Patrick Collins and Bradley Marcosa.

Nueve estudiantes de primer año de UMass comparten sus lugares favoritos del campus

By Samuel Suárez Murias and Paulina Ortiz Orive April 12, 2022

Queridos futuros alumnos, Hace un año, estábamos en vuestra situación. Empezar la universidad es intimidante, y como estudiantes a punto de empezar, estábamos inquietos sobre qué podíamos esperar...

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