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Student Legal Services Office: past, present and future

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff May 16, 2023
“If the office ever obtains the ability to represent students in criminal matters, it would help the University’s retention goals, and the Commonwealth’s goals in ensuring access to justice for those charged with a crime.”
Kalina Kornacki / Daily Collegian.

Deliberation, debate and celebration: highlights from last week’s SGA meeting

By Nathan Legare, Collegian Staff May 16, 2023
SGA holds last meeting of the Spring 2023 semester.

Amherst revisa reglamento “nuisance house” que incluye un lista de ofensas más amplio

May 12, 2023

Daily Collegian archivo (2011) de Grace Lee, Collegian Staff 2 de mayo 2023 El Comité de Recursos Comunitarios de Amherst está en proceso de revisar los reglamentos de arrendamiento de la ciudad....

Asha Baron/Daily Collegian (2023)

URSA hosts another campout protest

By Grace Lee, Collegian Staff May 10, 2023
At an overnight campout protest, UMass students voiced their concerns regarding the current housing crisis.
Caroline OConnor/Daily Collegian (2018)

Students aim to bring back food pantry at UMass

By Olivia Capriotti, Collegian Staff May 10, 2023
The UMass student food pantry that was established in 2018 is no longer around.
Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian (2022).

UMass community concerned about new Biden border regulations

By Sam Cavalheiro, Collegian Correspondent May 9, 2023
“It's become really clear to me that there's certain things Biden doesn’t care about, and immigration is one of them.”
Dylan Nguyễn/ Daily Collegian (2023)

People’s Beauty Supply brings hair care to students of color on campus

By Kami Nguyen, Collegian Staff May 8, 2023
Sophomore Zih Nche created a beauty supply shop in People’s Market.
Anish Roy/ Daily Collegian (2019)

UMass food waste diversion program creates more sustainable options on campus

By Sydney Warren, Collegian Correspondent May 8, 2023
The addition of food waste bins leads to a better campus environment.
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Things to look out for in former President Trump’s New York trial

By Eric Landers, Collegian Correspondent May 8, 2023
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had to navigate concerns of a fair trial.

El Único Sonido y Historia de Noddery

By Paige Hanson, Writer May 7, 2023

Dylan Nguyen/Daily Collegian (2023)   De Shannon Moore, Asistente Editor para los Artes abril 25 2023 Paige Hanson es una escritora para el Collegian. El viernes 4 de abril, me...

Judith Gibson-Okunieff/Daily Collegian (2019)

UMCA’s ‘Masculine Identities’ exhibit explores gender identity through art

By Eve Neumann, Collegian Staff May 4, 2023
UMCA exhibit “Masculine Identities: Filling in the Blanks” explores gender with art.
Photo courtesy of UMass Club Gymnastics

Cheers to 21 years: UMass club gymnastics celebrates their first Nationals meet after hiatus

By Kalina Kornacki, Collegian Correspondent May 4, 2023
“I think [it] being people's first Nationals was a really exciting experience.”
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