Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The Rubinoff Diaries

By Allie Connell

October 24, 2012

At $11.99 a bottle, in a slew of seemingly tantalizing flavors, Rubinoff vodka makes any trip to Liquors 44 a no brainer. If the mere mention of this alcoholic delicacy has sent shivers down your spine with a flashback to some horrible h...

Seasonal holiday cocktails minimize end of semester woes

By Ashley Berger

November 30, 2011

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and probably even drunk for over a month without homework and classes to worry about. Although break isn’t here just yet, that doesn’t mean students can’t slurp on some tasty drinks to help them study in a more cheerful manner. Get in the seasonal ...

Creepy Cocktails

By Ashley Berger

October 27, 2011

In addition to the unusual costumes, close friends and spooky ghost stories, Halloween is still incomplete without alcohol. The upcoming weekend-long holiday spook-tacular won’t be done proper justice with bland mixings such as Rubinof...

Spook-tastic seasonal drink special effects

By Ashley Berger

October 27, 2011

What could be more frightening than finding an eyeball, a tooth or a worm in the drink that has just been handed to you? There are a variety of simple ways to create creepy special effects for that extra bit of “boo!” on H...

How to prepare perilously perfect punches

By Ashley Berger

October 26, 2011

Every Halloween party to remember needs a tasty punch, so the trick to this treat is to make enough of something that everyone enjoys and can drink copious amounts of without feeling queasy. Here are a few recipes to satisfy d...

Delicious Rubinoff drinks sink cheap vodka aftertaste

By Ashley Berger

October 5, 2011

Broke college students all over the country are in a constant search for cheap but worthwhile products. These include commonly sought out are items such as books, food, clothing and – most of all – alcohol. One handle of Rubinoff vodka, either flavored or plain, costs ab...

11 Must-try cooling cocktails

By Ashley Berger

September 5, 2011

Chill out with this list of cocktails that can cool anyone off at a crowded party. After an hour of dancing and sweating as if they're on the ‘Edge of Glory,’ your friends will thank you for stealing them away to a tropical paradise with these fruity and relaxing beverages. It wouldn’t...