Spook-tastic seasonal drink special effects

By Ashley Berger


What could be more frightening than finding an eyeball, a tooth or a worm in the drink that has just been handed to you? There are a variety of simple ways to create creepy special effects for that extra bit of “boo!” on Halloween night. We have paired up the spookiest special effects with the tastiest drinks, all in the name of classy, 21+ enjoyment.

Radish Eyeball Ice Cube

Peel radishes, but make sure to leave some of that red skin. Scoop out a small, olive-shaped section of each radish. Stuff an olive (or a berry or grape, if you please) into each hole and freeze the creation overnight in an ice cube tray. The resulting monstrosity should end up looking like a bloodshot eyeball, which will look pretty freaky in a punch.

They go especially well in a drink called Vampire Juice, a creepy cousin to the Bloody Mary. Mix two ounces of lime-flavored vodka, four ounces of tomato juice and a bit of hot sauce. Add steak sauce and horseradish for flavor. Pop in some of those eyeballs to this blood red concoction for a spooky surprise.

Spider Webs

A creative and sweet way to jazz up any beverage, drawing a spider’s web in chocolate syrup requires a somewhat steady hand. Using something like a cotton swab, draw the lines around the inside of a glass and carefully place it in the freezer. The chocolate will freeze to the glass, forming a tasty and semi-permanent design.

This design works best against light or neon colored drinks such as the Midori Spider’s Kiss. The Spider’s Kiss can be made by mixing Midori Melon Liqueur, vodka and lemon juice for a sweet and sour drink.


To give the creepy and bone-chilling effect of drinking blood, adding grenadine to any clear or light-colored drink will do the trick. This flavoring easily changes up your average gin and tonic or vodka and sprite. For a slightly darker cocktail, try a Bloody-tini: mix Acai Spirit and acai juice, and shake. Top with champagne for a bubbly and enchanting texture.

Glowing Drinks

Bored with bland and inert drinks? Will you have a black light at your Halloween party? Add some tonic water to just about anything, and your drink will glow under a black light. The quinine in the tonic causes the drink to become luminescent. Making ice cubes using tonic water will provide an even more dynamic effect.

A Citrus Neon, which is a mix of Blue Curacao, citrus vodka, Midori, sour mix and 7-Up will also do the trick. The Midori and Blue Curacao tend to react under black lights for a nuclear effect. Absinthe works as well.

Swamp Things

If you are in the mood to gross out your guests, throw a few gummi worms in any drink. Not only will the worms give a chilling surprise, but they will also soak up alcohol. You can munch on those boozed-up worms after the drink is drained, and thus the party never stops. To give the appearance of other creepy crawlers, utilize jello molds and make frogs, flies and various other critters.

To make a drink look even more convincingly look like a swamp, use crushed mint leaves, as you would to concoct a Mojito. Try the Swamp Water cocktail: mix brown sugar, lime juice and a lot of crushed mint leaves. Add ice to the glass and pour clear rum over. Add club soda and some cola to give the drink that gross swampy color. Yum!

Ashley Berger can be reached at [email protected].