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Relationships in Revision: Compatibility

By Gina Lopez, Arts Editor

April 23, 2018

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UMass in love: A Valentine’s Day report


February 16, 2014

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Molly Plaehn asks fellow students some hard hitting questions about Valentine's Day. UVC-TV 19's "Yak Back!" editorial program is now in partnership with The Collegian will publish "Yak Back!" content regularly. Foll...

Is technology ruining relationships? – Part IV

By kate casler

April 29, 2013

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For my final section of this series, I decided to try online dating. It’s a growing trend for the dating scene, so it only felt right to include it. There’s still a stigma for online dating these days; even I was skeptical...

Is technology ruining relationships? – Part III

By kate casler

April 15, 2013

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Next up: Meeting dates through friends. Now, I had to dip a little further back into my past for this one. Mostly because after the result of this, I now firmly believe you should not set up friends unless you are willing to...

Is technology ruining relationships? – Part II

By kate casler

March 27, 2013

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To start off the relationship research, I figured I’ll stick with the most obvious way to meet people in college: class. I luckily have a recent example of this. One day before class the guy sitting next to me, let's call...

Alright, Cupid

By Allie Connell

February 13, 2013

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Until recently, college-aged individuals were not using online dating services for two major reasons: socially-lubricated weekend parties and money. As more and more of our social lives are found on the computer and the frightful...

Modern vampires send inappropriate message

By Stephen Margelony-Lajoie

September 11, 2012

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As the fourth season of the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” approaches and fanatics are still trying to maintain their composure and keep emotions in check after the fifth season finale of HBO’s “True Blood,” it’s getting...

Grown-up relationship with grandparents

By Victoria Knobloch

November 29, 2011

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Grandparents are special people. Not perfect, mind you. Just special. Everyone’s families are different, but those who have relationships with their parents’ parents know the uniqueness of it. A grandparent can be a caregiver, a refuge, a link to the past, a ...

The anthropology of love and hate

By Emily Felder

September 6, 2011

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The anthropology between love and hate is a fine line, and one I am only now beginning to fully grasp as I have dealt with what seems like a never-ending wave of experience, both good and bad. What compels us to change our perception...