‘Midnight Special’ a delightful instant classic

(Midnight Special Official Facebook Page)

The sci-fi drama is a delightful, self-contained romp in the tradition of Steven Spielberg’s work.

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UPC Spring Concert 2016

The 2016 Spring Concert saw student rapper De-Bo and artists Logic, Tinashe and Fetty Wap.

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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s ‘A Man Alive’ has the guts


The band’s new record tackles somber subject matter with its most audacious songs yet.

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Kendrick Lamar shines, as always, on ‘untitled unmastered.’

(Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Lamar manages to excel on a project filled with throwaway tracks.

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Looking back: Twenty years later, ‘The Score’ still stands alone

Sara B/Flickr)

For two decades, The Fugees have had a lasting impact on hip hop culture.

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‘Khalifa’ reflects artist’s unimpressive changing style

Daily Collegian File Photo)

Wiz Khalifa is overshadowed by guest artists on his sixth studio album.

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How my CAPA study abroad experience changed my life

(Wojtek Gurak/ Flickr)

Luz Arregoces describes the benefits of traveling abroad.

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Santigold breaks out of the package in ‘99¢’


Santigold calls out the commercialized world we’ve all fallen victim to in her third album.

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Sia’s ‘This is Acting’ is simply that: acting.

(Lee Gwyn/Flickr)

Sia’s newest album “This is Acting” carries the talent, but not the power and sincerity she has delivered in the past.

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Dealing with loss

(Courtesy of Alisina Saee-Nazari)

Columnist Alisina Saee-Nazari wrestles with moving on after the death of his mother four years ago.

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New ‘Zombies, Run!’ app puts a little fear into your step

Kaytlin Dawn Photography/ Flickr

Advertised as the biggest smartphone fitness game ever, the game combines Halloween-themed fun with staying in shape.

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Trevor Noah: America’s black stepdad

Michael O'Brien/Flickr

Trevor Noah’s position on The Daily Show brings hope for U.S. immigrants and indicates a shift in the entertainment industry, says Noosha Uddin.

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Why is parking at UMass so expensive?

Andy Castillo/Daily Collegian

Ian Hagerty argues that the UMass parking fees are unnecessarily expensive.

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Rebranding feminism to be more inclusive

Rachel Strohm/Flickr

Jenna Careri argues feminists must change their strategy to be more inclusive.

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Hating things isn’t cool

Ben Ostrowsky/Flickr

Gabby Vacarelo condemns people who criticize mainstream fads and media, explaining how it is a waste of time and energy

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Youth Lagoon’s “Savage Hills Ballroom” is a fleeting, two-faced affair

Chris Goldberg/Flickr

Trevor Powers’ third album as Youth Lagoon slinks away from you as soon as it connects.

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An all-star cast meets a mediocre script in ‘Black Mass’

Official Black Mass Movie Facebook Page

The Boston-based film disappoints despite solid lead performances, specifically from Johnny Depp.

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‘The Visit’ is a small step forward for M. Night Shyamalan

(Michael S. Wirtz/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT)

The director’s latest is more than just a series of cheap scares.

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Misconceptions about Planned Parenthood funding

Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Katrina Kervin separates fact from fiction in the Planned Parenthood funding debate.

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People’s Market: arguably the best coffee on campus

Christina Yacono/Daily Collegian

The student-run co-op, left behind in the swatch of businesses now accepting Dining Dollars, still has plans to improve.

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