Today’s crossword: It’s clueless, so are we, we apologize

By Collegian News Staff

Sorry! (Collegian Staff)
Sorry! (Collegian Staff)

Today’s print Collegian featured by far our most difficult crossword puzzle of the semester.

Though lecturing professors were probably pleasantly perplexed to see a few more students looking at them instead of staring intently at our Comics page, the majority of our puzzle-solving readers were enraged, and for this we are sorry.

The puzzle was clueless, and perhaps you think we are too for making this error, but we’d like to apologize and ask that you forgive us. There are no excuses, but in case it helps, Thursday’s crossword was not an extension of the theme of our recent April Fool’s Day issue; we weren’t trying to mess with you – the mistake was accidental.

If you need a place to vent, you can contact us, send us a letter to the editor and comment on this post.

We’d love to be able to promise that all of our future issues – print or not – will be flawless, but odds are that some of them won’t be. So, sorry in advance for our future mess-ups, but, hey, there’s always Sudoku.

-Collegian Staff