“Life as We Know It”: predictable, but entertaining

By Malea Ritz

Courtesy of MCT

“Life as We Know It” begins by drawing in viewers to witness the humorous first date of two very different people: Holly and “Messer,” played by Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. They are set up on a blind date by mutual friends, Peter, played by Hayes MacArthur, and Alison, played by Christina Hendricks. Holly and Messer quickly realize that they are simply wasting each other’s time. Noticing the lack of interest, the two end their date as quickly as possible, hoping to never see each other again.           

Unfortunately for the pair, they are reunited for every major event in the lives of their friends from their wedding to the birth of their first child, Sophie. Separately, their lives are everything they have ever wanted. They have both have the perfect careers for their lifestyles. When they are brought together, they do nothing but antagonize each other. They can never put their differences aside even for the own good of their friends, but with one phone call, life as they know it changes forever.           

After being notified of the death of their two friends in a tragic car accident, questions are raised about what will happen to the orphaned child. After meeting with Peter and Alison’s lawyer, Holly and Messer are struck with a greatly significant surprise. Unbeknownst to them, they have both been assigned as the legal guardians of Sophie in the event of the sudden death of their friends. Holly and Messer are in disbelief that a topic so substantial was never brought to their attention. Unable to agree on anything, they decide their best option is to look for other family members to care for Sophie rather than them.           

After looking into other possibilities, they conclude that they are the best possible “proper” guardians for Sophie. They are forced to restrict their career plans in order to do what is best for her. They begin by moving into Alison and Peter’s home in order to make the easiest transition for the child. The sudden transformation from career-oriented adults to parents is enough to make them wonder if they really were the right choice. After realizing they are living in the shadows of ghosts, they decide to make some changes to make the house more of their own home.           

The neighbors are a little uncertain initially whether Holly, Messer and Sophie will survive as a family. After getting to know them personally, they see that there is hope for Sophie’s future. The neighbors try to help them in any way possible, as they fall in love with Holly and Messer as a couple.           

From here on out, this romantic comedy becomes a predictable love story. Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel put their differences aside in order to work together for the well-being of Sophie. While it is cute and witty, viewers can anticipate the stereotypical ending of this chick flick. Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel have great chemistry together; it is almost effortless. As a viewer, you will find yourself pushing for their relationship to work. They started the movie as an unlikely couple, but with Sophie bringing them together for an unlikely cause, they become a family. Although it is somewhat unoriginal, it is still an entertaining watch. It is not advisable to pay the 10 dollars to see in it theaters, however. Wait for it to come out OnDemand or on Netflix. It is a good chick flick to watch with your girlfriends on a night in. In the meantime, save your money for a movie that provides a few more surprises.           

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