Campus Etiquette: Couples in Class

By Kim Giordano

Courtesy of Foto S.A.

My mother always taught me there’s a time and place for everything. I wish more couples that I witness canoodling in lecture at ungodly hours of the morning, my 9 am for example, would learn and listen to this saying. There are two things that annoy me most while I’m sitting through an hour and fifteen minute lecture: couples that act as if sitting in the seats of Thompson 102 is just as comfortable as lounging in their own bed and people that talk throughout the entirety of the class at a volume that suggests a very loud rock concert is talking place (but that subject deserves a whole new blog on its own).

This sensation of couples showing excessive amounts of PDA in class really puzzles me. Is it all the sexy talk about bio that turns these people on? Or is it the knowledge that hundreds of students can, in fact, see everything that is occurring in the third or fourth row, thanks to stadium style seats. Sometimes I wonder if my extreme dislike toward couples that get too cuddly in class is simply my pessimistic attitude, bitterness, or even jealousy. But, after consulting a few friends and even fellow classmates through shared eye rolling or headshakes that I realize no, I am not alone.

In order to make lecture halls and classrooms as educational and comfortable as can be; couples of UMass, please stop. Stop giving back massages, kissing, swinging your legs over the desk and into your partner’s lap, very effectively blocking the board by resting your head on one another’s shoulder, whispering sweet nothings, etc. etc. etc. These things are all good and well when done in the privacy of the home or dorm or even outside around campus, but not during class. Its distracting, annoying, and quietly frankly, a little nauseating when I’m trying to eat my breakfast grab-and-go at 9:05 on a Friday morning.

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