Those sweet Irish treats

By Ashley Berger

Editor’s note: This is part of the Daily Collegian’s St. Patrick’s Day special issue.

On this festive day, while you may be celebrating with all the finest Irish spirits in liquid form, why not extend the festivities to some delectable desserts? If you don’t want to imbibe the alcohol but still want a little luck of the Irish in you on this celebratory day, try some of these recipes for some Irish inspired sweets!

Guinness cupcakes

For a very Irish dessert, add the beer to a cupcake. For this recipe, you’ll need one 12 ounce bottle of Guinness Stout. Combine the bottle of Guinness, a half cup of milk, a half cup of vegetable oil and one tablespoon of vanilla extract. One at a time, add in three eggs.

Mix in three quarters of a cup of sour cream. In a separate mixing bowl, mix three quarters of a cup of unsweetened cocoa, two cups of sugar, two-and-a-half cups of flour and one-and-a-half teaspoons of baking soda. Slowly, stir the two mixtures together. Divide the batter into a muffin baking tin and bake in an oven set to 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. Recipe from

For an added bonus, frost your creation with Bailey’s Buttercream Frosting. Blend together two sticks of room temperature butter, three cups of powdered sugar, four tablespoons of Bailey’s Irish Cream and two teaspoons of vanilla extract until the mixture is smooth. When the cupcakes are cooled, frost and serve! Recipe from

Strawberry and Bailey’s fool

If you don’t particularly fiend for chocolate, try this sweet treat. Puree a pint of strawberries. Whip two cups of heavy cream and add half of the puree and a half of a cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream to it. In frosted glasses, alternate layering the straight strawberry mix and a cream mix for a light dessert. Recipe from

B-52 bars

If you love congo bars and alcohol, this recipe is the one for you to try. First, make the crust by melting one cup of butter and mix in a half cup of sugar, ten tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa and two eggs. Blend in a quarter cup of Kahlua and then four cups of crumbled graham crackers. Add in two cups of shredded coconut and a cup of chopped walnuts. Refrigerate.

While the crust is in the cooling, mix vigorously a half cup of butter, four cups of confectioners’ sugar, a quarter cup of vanilla custard powder and a quarter cup of Bailey’s Irish cream. Add this custard type substance to the already cooling crust.

To top of this delicacy, melt two cups of semisweet chocolate chips, two tablespoons of butter and add in a quarter cup of Grand Marnier for an added kick. Drizzle the sauce over the dish and let sit. Once the topping is hardened, cut and serve. Recipe from

Irish Car Bomb Cake

For this spin on a traditional Irish drink, try this easy concoction. Using a chocolate cake mix, add an extra egg and substitute the called for water with Guinness. Bake in two separate pans and sprinkle the pans with cocoa to add a little kick. To make the frosting, whip eight ounces of cream cheese until it is fluffy. Add in two cups of powdered sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix in a half a cup of Bailey’s and frost. Recipe from

Bailey’s Fudge

For a decedent and quick to make dessert, simply melt three and a half cups of chocolate chips. Add in 375 grams of condensed milk and a third of cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream. For variation instead of using Bailey’s and depending on your taste, you can substitute the Bailey’s for other liqueurs such as Jameson. Pour the mixture into a lined pan and let set for a few hours before serving. Recipe from

Since some of these recipes do not require you to bake them, be sure not to serve to small children and eat responsibly.

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