Why Taking on Tebow is a Terrible Idea

By Bobby OBrien

I am a huge Jets fan, but this trade will bring nothing but pain to my beloved team. Here are just a few reasons why this trade is a terrible idea.

Play on the field

Tebow is not a very good quarterback, to say the least, but he always seem to find a way to win games last year with the Broncos. He was rated the worst quarterback in the league by ESPN in their new QB rating system, and yes, that does mean he was worse than Mark Sanchez. Tebow would ideally be used in the wildcat formation with the Jets, a system that new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano implemented and excelled with in Miami. There are three problems with this: Tebow does not have the necessary speed for the wildcat, the Jets drafted Jeremy Kerley last year with the wildcat in mind and Tebow does not contribute at any other position or on special teams. The Jets can ill afford to tie up so much cap space in a back-up quarterback who isn’t really a quarterback and can’t contribute at other positions.

The New York Media

The New York media, along with the fans, can be brutal toward athletes. Mark Sanchez was already being questioned about if he is the Jets future quarterback, so why add even more pressure by adding Tebow? The first interception Sanchez throws in 2012 will be followed with boos and thoughts of ‘Tebow-Time.’

His (Supposed) Locker Room Leadership

Yes, the Jets had a lot of chemistry issues in their locker room last season. Adding Tebow appears to be a good move to solve this problem, because of his leadership abilities, which were exhibited last season in Denver when he won a playoff game after the Broncos were 1-4, and Tebow took over. However, how can a backup quarterback that might get five snaps per game demand the respect of a locker room? It is simply not going to happen.

The fact that Tebow was a first round pick and has now gotten replaced as a starting quarterback, and on top of that, could be traded for a fourth round pick says it all. Sorry Tim.

Bobby O’Brien can be reached for comment at [email protected]