Parties causes disturbances in Amherst

By Katie Landeck


As University of Massachusetts students took to the streets for the first full weekend of the semester, several parties got out of control and had to be broken up by the Amherst police department.

On Friday night at 11:21 p.m., 11 officers broke up a party on 175 College Street after one of the residents reported the party  herself.

The party, which attracted between 400 and 500 guests, featured a live band playing in the backyard.  The number of uninvited guests at the party was causing traffic jams on College Street, according to the police report.

The tenant called the police after uninvited guests began stealing from her house.

It took the officers approximately 30 minutes to break up the party, according to Amherst Police Detective David Foster.

While breaking up the party, bottles and cans were thrown at the officers, although none were injured while the party dispersed.

Officers “were too busy to be hurt with a bottle,” said Foster in an interview with several press members.

The tenant, a 20-year-old UMass student from Revere, was ticketed $600 for the violating Amherst noise and nuisance house bylaws, according to Foster.

Despite the bad weather, an upstairs apartment at 186 College St. was blasting techno music at 1:03 a.m. on Sunday morning.

The residents refused to turn the music down, and yelled at the responding officers, according to Foster.

Hali R. Cataldo, 20, of Saugus, Juan S. Charry, 21, of Peabody, Newman M. Galati, 20, of North Falmouth, Sean A. Micheli, 21, of Malden, and Alan Momperousse, 19, of Roslindale – all UMass students – were all arrested for violating the town’s noise bylaw.

Micheli was also charged with resisting arrest.

Many students were summonsed for violating the town’s open container policy and consuming liquor under the age of 21. The open container policy stipulates that people cannot have open containers of alcohol on any public walkway.

“We are trying to keep things from escalating,” Foster said.

Foster continued to say that no matter how old a person is they can be charged with an open container violation.

Any one who looks underage can be approached about a liquor law violation.

Extra shifts for officers are currently scheduled to continue through the end of September, but Foster said he expects the shifts to last into November.

“We have a ways to go,” he said.

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