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Seasonal fashion essentials for men: update your wardrobe for fall

Although the fickle temperature changes of New England may signify otherwise, cold weather will soon be upon us. As the frost begins to appear on your Sperry’s, it’s time to plan your wardrobe wisely and fashionably for the coming months. These five fall essentials will keep you looking stylish, while keeping you warm and protected from the unpredictable fall weather.


Available in a variety of cuts, colors and fabrics, a sweater is a very versatile piece in any guy’s wardrobe.  A classic crew-neck will look fantastic with a pair of worn jeans; wear one with stripes for a bit more flair.  As it is imperative to layer up during the fall months, a cardigan sweater is a definite staple and can be layered with just about anything. For those men that are newbies to this type of sweater, dip your toes into the cardigan pool with one in a classic cool color, such as gray or blue. For the more adventurous cardigan veterans, go for one of the more unique patterns – such as herringbone, argyle, houndstooth or striped.


The collective members of the Wu-Tang Clan were spot on when they famously declared “Protect Ya Neck,” and they were most likely referring to wearing a scarf. The scarf is an underestimated accessory that is often overlooked; to many it has always been considered a superfluous piece of clothing. As it is imperative to protect one’s neck, a scarf in lightweight, yet still warm fabrics, will add that certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit. Be sure to buy one in cotton, the perfect material that is just light enough for fall. Save grandma’s chunky wool scarves for the winter or when you’re knocking back eggnog. Most importantly, a scarf can be worn in multiple fashions. Across the pond, rakish men in England prefer the slipknot; however, the best way to wear it is with disheveled elegance.


Nothing says “fall” like a pair of flat front khakis in any range of autumnal colors.  Khakis in an earthy brown, forest green or deep burnt orange will anchor any outfit, especially paired with a cardigan in navy or gray. Just remember that the pants should do the talking, so keep the rest of your outfit relatively conservative. Once you’ve got these colored khakis down, color coordinating in the same family can look quite stylish. However, keep the shades separate. For example, navy blue pants with a baby blue polo. Dockers Alpha Khakis have a great cut to them as well as beautiful colors to choose from.


Desert Boots

In the past couple of years, desert boots have been making a comeback. They are as ubiquitous as a springtime Sperry. Coming from the stylish soldiers of Britain’s Western Desert Campaign of World War II, hence the name, these bad boys are extremely comfortable due to their signature crepe rubber sole. They come in myriad of colors and just about every designer sells a pair; I recommend navy blue or brown suede, from classic suede to lux crocodile. Though you need look no further than the original – Clark’s original that is. They have been making them since the 1960s and Clarks haven’t changed a single thing, as perfection is rarely tampered with.  As your desert boots begin to display their seasonal wear and tear, they look increasingly better, whether in the trenches or at Antonio’s at one in the morning – it’s up to you.

Denim Jacket

These essentials for fall are not only a cornerstone in any man’s wardrobe,  they look fantastic as they age, too. And there are few glorious garments that age as well as a denim jacket, as it is the brandy of fall essentials. The original windbreaker, worn by truckers and greasers alike, a denim jacket is an ultra-cool way to stay stylish in the fall. Following the trend of work-wear in menswear over the past couple of years, this jacket has been cool since the ’60s, but has captured our attention again. It can be dressed up with a slim-fitting button up and a skinny tie, and it of course looks just as flawless with a V-neck tee. A denim jacket can be a straight up heirloom – like Larry King, they never die – and no two are alike. Each day your body’s movements will paint a new crease in the sleeves, or a delightful tear in the back. However you mold your jacket is your choice and you are sure to be the next fashion icon at UMass this fall while wearing it.

Ryan Ford can be reached at [email protected].


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    dianneSep 28, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    This is awesome! Great overview of all that is point on with Fall fashion…love it!