Signature styles from past decades resurface after New York Fashion Week

By Nia Decaille


This fall season’s New York Fashion Week encapsulated glamour and grit in texture, color and silhouette. Whether it was Louis Vuitton’s retro leather pump or Givenchy’s take on sleek, sexy leather, this season challenges the everyday consumer to try luxurious patterns, fur accents, oversize shapes and layered textures.

This season, there were six recurring themes that highlighted elements of elegance and class. The names to watch out for this season are Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabana.  Even if you don’t recognize these names, stores this fall will be overflowing with trends inspired from their vision of a classic woman.  Visualize this season’s fashion as a cross between Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and the Queen of England dressed in your favorite department store’s signatures.

Inspired by the ‘80s working woman and gender bending proportions, the boyfriend blazer, crisp colors and white accents are the minimalist takes on fall fashion.  Pieces inspired by shows from Céline and Chloë will be seen in a Forever 21 or Macy’s as this season revives older trends with a younger spirit. Overcoats, tops, blazers and sweater dresses will be lengthy and accompanied by bright hues and color blocking combos.  Chunky knits will be transformed into funky and simple ensembles that will look great with any boot.

The vixen is making a comeback this season, but this time around she’s donning black leather. Skirts, boots and even sneakers will have leather accents inspired by sleek silhouettes. Bags, pants and accessories will feature this same sleek texture as well. Designers like Alexander Wang took the turtle neck and turned it into a must-have tough and chic staple. Juxtaposing those pieces with a little faux fur belt or vest is not only high fashion, but eye-catching as well.

Hopefully your mothers weren’t so over the retro era that they tossed everything out because these classic styles are resurfacing. Tweed pants, trench coats lined with faux fur, snake skin pencil skirts and embroidered woolen or linen sweaters are no longer pieces worn separately. Put any of these pieces together and you have another attention-grabbing combination of ‘70s flair. Patterned blouses with neck ties and overcoats were once groovy, but now they’re trés chic. We will see more printed leather bags like oversize coin purses and retro leather pumps that may be reminiscent of your grandmother’s glory days, only this time to be dressed in Michael Kors.

Shimmering gold textures and large gems are also a must-have this season. Thick gold necklaces, bracelets and hair pieces were all a part of emphasizing elegance.  Calvin Klein’s gold coated denim jeans or Ralph Lauren’s line of gold embroidered leather jackets not only experiment with texture, but they place a luxurious finish on many other trends.

Other trends like lace were revamped and glossed over by designers like Lanvin. Opting for lacey tops and dresses piled with clusters of emerald and ruby jewels can add a touch of class and regality. The luxurious accessories highlighted by this season’s fashion week will take any patterned piece one step further.

New York Fashion week always brings a whirlwind of interpretations every season, but there’s no denying that this fall’s runway has brought back many trends from the retro era and turned them into the latest fashion obsessions. From rich, elegant textures to bold and majestic patterns, your closet won’t be complete until you get your hands on these soon-to-be fall staples.

Nia Decaille can be reached at [email protected]