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Essentials for fall fashion


Ten essentials to achieving my general style and wardrobe on a day-to-day basis consist of staple accessories and layers from any season of the year.  Whether the weather is warm or freezing cold, I find a way to incorporate any versatile article of clothing from the previous season.  Recycling clothes and reusing or remaking accessories for a better, more useful purpose is what I take into consideration while preparing for the day.

Black pants

Black pants or leggings are very versatile, and also flattering.  These are the core of my attire, and you will see me wear them nearly every other day.  They accent tops very well, providing an easy mix-and-match piece to my clothing.


Comfortable and casual, moccasins make for a go-to piece for any of my outfits.  Creating an easy and cute look, moccasins can dress down a dressy out-on-the-town look for casual day-wear.  Substituting black flat shoes or combat boots, moccasins are a great alternative look for any style.  Whether you’re “preppy” or “grunge,” moccasins will give your attire a spark of casual flare.


Headbands are a massive part of my look. Whether my hair is up in a bun, or styled in a curly hairstyle, headbands are my way of “taming” my thick mess of hair.  It’s a struggle having to keep moving my hair out of my face and keeping it under control, so if I need a quick fix for my hair, I run for a black, lace headband or a chain headpiece.  They make my style pop while doing a great job at keeping my hair under control throughout the day.

Infinity scarf

My go-to scarf for a chilly or breezy day on campus is my black and hunter green infinity scarf from Urban Outfitters.  Green and black make for a great mix-and-match combination for any outfit.  It’s very comfortable and keeps me toasty and warm on those brisk morning walks to class.  It’s definitely one of my staple pieces for a fall/winter based outfit.


Instead of wearing typical underwire-style underwear, a black bandeau is much more comfortable and allows for casual exposure.  I tend to wear big tank tops or baggy t-shirts that reveal my bra – my black bandeaus are a simple fix for those outfit malfunctions.  Now, I never have to worry about any embarrassing slip-ups while relaxing at the dining commons or in class.


I am rarely caught without my sunglasses. If it’s a sunny day outside, even if it’s mildly overcast, my outfit of the day is adorned with my big, round-eyed sunglasses.  Priced at $14 at Target, my big brown sunglasses make a great staple piece for any season. Worn over the course of the year, my sunglasses have yet to fail me.  They accent every outfit I own, while providing great sun-blockage.  Any day on campus without my sunglasses is a bad day indeed.

Green Army coat

My green army coat from Forever 21 is a must have for my closet.  I tend to lean towards neutral colors, so my dark olive-green jacket goes great with everything I wear.  It adds a boyish tint to my look, and makes for a great fall or spring jacket.  This color green works great with bright colors during spring and adds a superb undertone for my fall choices.  I love wearing this jacket with my infinity scarf – the subtle green tone in the scarf pops out when paired with this jacket.


For fall, I am almost always wearing socks; whether they’re simple white crew socks, tan knee-highs, or my black thigh-highs, socks make for a fantastic accessory for any fall look book.  White crew socks are worn with my black BDG pants from Urban Outfitters with a pair of combat/fall boots.  Tan knee-highs are worn with either leggings or shorts for a sunny fall day; I love wearing them with my beige combat boots from Aldo.  As for my black thigh-highs, I am obsessed with wearing dresses and shorts for as long as I can, so I’ll pair them with a summery dress or a grungy pair of cut offs.  Mixing my black thigh-highs with my moccasins is a go-to for fall.  Socks give me the freedom to go for a broken-up, unconventional look.

Little black dress

Every girl needs a little black dress. Mine is from H&M and it was definitely a great investment.  I wear it with oversized t-shirts, ripped tights and boots.  Little black dresses can be turned into anything you’d like them to be.  They’re great for a casual day on campus, yet can be sexy and dressy for a night on the town.  Paired with either boots or heels, my little black dress is foolproof. It is a must have piece for any girl’s closet.

Zip-up sweatshirt

Call me crazy, but I love my gray DC sweatshirt from PacSun.  This jacket has lasted me four years and is still in its prime. I love matching my green army coat with this piece; the olive-green looks great with a gray undertone, and makes my light jacket a bit heavier for chilly days.  Also, my Old Navy jean jacket is never without this sweatshirt. A jean jacket worn over this simple, gray jacket calls for attention whilst remaining comfortable.  Stylish when paired with a simple outer-shell, my DC sweatshirt is always jumping from outfit-to-outfit. I feel comfortable yet chic when pairing my modern jackets with this old gem.

Ashley Beam can be reached at [email protected].


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