UMass Entrepreneurship Club to hold ULaunch event

By Tanaya Asnani

Collegian File Photo
(Collegian File Photo)

The UMass Entrepreneurship Club will host ULaunch, an event geared toward fostering an entrepreneurial spirit across campus, from Saturday, April 2 at 8:30 a.m. to Sunday, April 3 at 5 p.m.

The weekend-long event, which enables students to put their ideas for forming new startups into action, will hold workshops beginning in Integrative Learning Center room S311.

“ULaunch at UMass hopes to help many students kick start their own startups that they not only run during the event but could potentially run for a lifetime,” said Aleric Heck, president of the UMass Entrepreneurship Club.

The event welcomes multidisciplinary individuals from across campus and aims to achieve the UMass Entrepreneurship Club and the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship’s goal of uniting diverse areas of campus under entrepreneurship. The opportunity to create ideas will facilitate participants with lifelong skills that can be applied to a similar scenario in the future.

The event is organized by the executive board of the Entrepreneurship Club with the help of club members. Other on-campus clubs and entities are incorporated with the event due to its multidisciplinary feature.

“We know that there are many innovative students all over campus and that with the tools and guidance that we’ve worked to provide, they’ll have all they need to launch their startups and bring their ideas to life,” said Casey Adams, a ULaunch team member.

ULaunch incorporates other events hosted by the Entrepreneurship Club and the Berthiaume Center, such as an Idea Jam event where individuals can pitch their ideas. Once the top ideas are selected, the students will form teams.

The semi-finalist teams of ULaunch will participate in an Innovation Challenge to further grow their entrepreneurial initiative. Startup teams will present their ideas and prototypes for judging, and the winning teams will be awarded prizes by the event’s sponsors.

Near the conclusion of ULaunch, there will also be mandatory team meetings where students will discuss the next steps to be taken with the startups, and how they will continue.

“We expect the turnout of the event to be absolutely incredible,” said Ben Burman, a ULaunch team member. “With the team we have and the hard work we have put in, we expect a great turnout, and a really fun and inspirational event that can potentially help students start something great here at UMass.”

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