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The denim jacket trends you haven’t thought of

Denim has made a comeback
Cynthia Ntinunu/Daily Collegian
Cynthia Ntinunu/Daily Collegian

A few years ago, denim jackets made a huge reappearance. It was like when Beyoncé had that long break where she didn’t make music and then, suddenly, she hit us with banger after banger. That’s exactly what denim jackets did to us in the past few years, and we aren’t even mad.

The denim jacket is one of those vintage trends that are getting recycled from the past. It’s a jacket that your parents rocked, but now it’s a staple piece in every teen and young adult’s wardrobe. Because of how popular and in demand they are, they have taken a life of their own.

Though people are still rocking the classic look, denim jackets have evolved, especially this past year. Now we have many variations from distressed, embroidery, patches, pins and more. We are now going to explore these various denim jacket looks.


Around last year, denim jackets started to incorporate accessories within their designs. Everyone started to accessorize their denim jackets with funky flairs, such as patches and pins. These are quick and easy ways to up the creativity in your outfit. Especially if you are rocking a simple outfit, they add a great hint of detail that will catch everyone’s eyes.


If you haven’t noticed, everything has embroidery on it now. It’s been one of the most popular designs in clothing as of late, and denim jackets are no exception. You can find many people rocking flower embroidery on the sleeves of their jackets or a big embroidery print on the back. Embroidered denim jackets are definitely a power move, so make sure to own that look when you rock it.


Distressed and ripped denim has been in the fashion game for a while. Theses styles have moved up the ladder to denim jackets. Distressed denim gives an edgy vibe to any look you rock, especially if your style leans towards street style. The cool thing about them is that they can be distressed in so many different ways, so don’t feel discouraged about stocking up on your distressed denim.

Colored denim jackets

Who says that denim jackets have to come in only the color blue? Well, many stores believe they don’t. The fashion world has been cranking out various shades of denim jackets recently. You can easily scout out a yellow, black, green or pink denim jacket online. Don’t limit yourself to the classic blue. You never know, your outfit may call for a white denim jacket one day.

Different lengths

The classic denim jacket sits around your waist. While this will not go out of style, many people are experimenting with different lengths. You can see people rocking cropped denim jackets to long, trench coat-like ones. If you want to change up a casual outfit, opt for a different length denim jacket and switch up your look.


If you are a risk taker, the embellishment route might be up your alley. While not everyone will like this look, it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention. This version of a denim jacket would have to be the staple piece of your outfit because of how bold it is. But hey, isn’t fashion all about taking risks?


Last but not least, express yourself through words on your denim jacket — they’ve been making a splash in fashion lately. If a regular graphic tee can sport a slogan, then why not your denim jacket? Usually when words are implemented on denim jackets, they are plastered on the back. If you opt for this look, try finding a word or a phrase that really represents you, or better yet – don’t hesitate to DIY a word on that denim jacket that’s been collecting dust at home!

There are many other variations of denim jackets out there. There is no one way of rocking this statement piece, but that’s the power of fashion. It’s able to take a simple look and transform it into many different styles.

Cynthia Ntinunu can be reached at [email protected].

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