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Emmi Beuger’s Day Off: S3E6 | Emmi Becomes Sporty

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Emmi has night editor and future managing editor, Kyle DaLuz, on the podcast to talk about his time working in radio, his reporting on Kevin Cullen, the Collegian Sports section and the future of UMass Athletics. Kyle is basically Twitter famous, so he also answers some fun Twitter questions for our listeners. Don’t worry, it’s not just sports! It’s also opinion-related!


Editor’s Note: DaLuz’s comments about the controversy involving Kevin Cullen are his own and do not reflect the official stance of The Daily Collegian.


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One Response to “Emmi Beuger’s Day Off: S3E6 | Emmi Becomes Sporty”

  1. John Aimo on April 27th, 2018 12:45 am

    I don’t think 1,000 followers constitutes ‘twitter famous’. I can easily get 1,000 twitter followers by following people and then they’ll follow you back and the more followers you have ,the more others will want to follow you. You can also make other accounts to follow your account and retweet and like what you tweet. If you want to downright cheat, you can very cheaply buy twitter followers in the the thousands.

    Otherwise I listened to about 5 minutes of this podcast, as the only person who listened to it, my feedback is that it was more self-indulgence by emmi and one of her pals and the podcast(and assume all of it) was boring and irrelevant.

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