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Emmi Beuger’s Day Off: S3E8 | The Final Podcast

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Emmi reads her senior column, then is grilled by her producer Jake on her time at UMass. Also, Jake apologizes for the music since he made it himself and he doesn’t know how to play a keyboard.



3 Responses to “Emmi Beuger’s Day Off: S3E8 | The Final Podcast”

  1. John aimo on May 2nd, 2018 2:55 am

    I love the background music, it made the podcast really emotional and powerful. Sort of like a movie score!

    Nice touch


  2. John aimo on May 2nd, 2018 4:44 am

    Also I would like to add to my comment, since Emmi has exposed herself in her podcast and others , I think that can subject her to analysis. Granted I am not an ‘expert’, but who is an expert on human beings or human nature.

    First I would state that Emmi is very selfish or self-centered, which I mean in a neither positive or negative way.

    it’s really remarkable that the collegian allowed a podcast entirely about one person, a podcast about the person who is doing itand often mundane aspects of their life, like what they eat for breakfast. Also in her interviews, she still mostly to talk about herself.. This podcast is dedicated to her emotions and her emotional journey.

    It’s interesting because emmi also wrote another article about her leaving, she has basically three pieces of media dedicated to her exit as a senior, this podcast, the senior column and the ‘college taught me how to be alone’, whereas all the other collegian authors only got to write one article. It’s also interesting she talks about how she is all alone and how she learned how to do many things alone, but perhaps she does not draw the connection to why…that is. Perhaps because she places herself presumably before others; she is often alone.

    The second analysis I would make is that Emmi appears perhaps repressed or to have a hidden drive. It’s interesting the great emphasis she has placed on opening up and confronting her anxieties yet she is 20 years old and graduated, either because she got in early or more likely she took summer courses and extra courses. It would seem to add to her repression, if she has devoted all of her energy to school and extra-curricular activities, so where are you going to have time to have a personality or have fun or do things that are no in way related to schoolwork or ambition or so on.

    The other question is what truly drives Emmi. She never explicitly states this, although she is always quick to state what she wants to do. That she is going to travel, that she has family in the netherlands , that she wants to be an attorney. These are all positive things and in the manner in which people state to present themselves positively to others. What is her drive? Is it to be successful, does she want to be glorified, is it her parents who told her to do well in school?


    Cris Reply:

    Since you exposed yourself with an analysis of Emmi, I think I can offer my “amateur” psychoanalysis of you.

    The first analysis I would like to make is that you have way too much time on your hands to be writing such a comment analyzing a college student who does podcasts for a college newspaper. Maybe instead of spending all of this extra time knocking people down, you could use the time to build people up. The world would be a better place if everyone did this. If you were not able to hide behind a “fake” troll name, would you be this rude and mean-spirited? No, probably not, as it is easy for cowards to attempt to intimidate others while hiding in shadows. In the end, your comments say more about yourself than of the person you are commenting about.

    My second analysis is that you obviously have a certain disdain for Emmi, but you know a lot about her and have, apparently , listened to her podcasts, which you hate so much. So, why do you listen? Why do you care so much about what she is doing? Don’t listen, no one is forcing you. It’s like a person who knows they will throw up on rollercoasters but continue to ride anyway.

    As my last comment to you, I will give you just one answer to your pseudo psychoanalysis of my daughter: Motivation, plain and simple. She is just a motivated person.

    Have a wonderful day!


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