Chin up Princess or the crown slips


Collegian File Photo

By Kavya Jeganathan, Collegian Staff

Chin up Princess,

Or the crown slips,

Down into that forthcoming abyss

Of doubt and disdain,

Of who you once were

And who you sought out to be.


Chin up,

Even when the tears slip,

Down rose covered cheeks

Of a woman you once knew.

Laden with the fairest

In a mirror

Long broken

By a fist,

In a moment of weakness.


Chin up Princess,

Even when the crown breaks

Into pieces,

Shattered shards that cut your feet.

Mistakes you’ve made

Have been forgiven

By everyone,

But yourself.


Chin up Princess,

You damsel in distress,

Who saved herself from wars

That fought inside her head.

Your pleats and frills

Of royal colored curtains,

That match the dreads

Of dresses long forgotten,

Twist around a lace covered neck.

A poison apple that was swallowed,

Wiped clean with red lipstick,

That matches your nails

Which click against the glass,

Of the window

To your gilded prison.


Chin up Princess,

You knew the apple wasn’t an apple.

But, words,

That tumbled from your lips.




Today you will be crowned Queen.

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