A short free verse poem


Collegian File Photo

By Eli Silman, Collegian Correspondent

Buffeted by the icy gale, trudging through the thick snow.

The stars are hidden tonight by thick grey clouds.

Fingers have turned blacker than the surrounding night

And the rhythmic beat of life slows to a faint tap.

While a small flame flickers inside a lantern

Casting faint shadow across the lonely plain.


Collapsing into the cold embrace, too worn to go on.

With the lantern light fading – I’m left to think and wonder.


Snowflakes are the tears of the stars,

Mourning the loss of those who looked at them and kept them company.

Yet tonight with the world left so empty and lonely,

And the stars made blind by the clouds gathering above;

I have to ask –  Will the stars cry for me tonight?


Eli Silman can be reached at [email protected].