Family turned stranger

A friend can turn into family, just as family can turn into a stranger


Ana C./All Creative Commons/Flickr

By Alexandra Molloy, Collegian Staff

I let you into my heart space so that you could grow

You reached out with your hand rather than your soul

And gripped my heart so I would feel like I was losing control

You were the only one who bothered to stay though

All the others I let in took their piece of my heart space and left

Leaving me stranded and utterly alone

And you were going to do that too

Until I gripped your hand with mine to make a union from two

You then clung harder to my heart

As I clung harder to you

Your grip became toxic on my heart

And my grip became toxic to you

You wanted me to let you go

So you squeezed my heart farther than it was supposed to go

My heart burst as I clung to your hand

But my grip was weak, so you took your chance and left

You left me stranded with a broken heart

You left me and now sorrow fills my soul

Now you stand before me again

Offering me your heart instead of your hand

I then looked at the shambles of my heart and formed a plan

A plan that replaced my sorrow with heaviness and dread

And now every time I look at you and see myself smile

I remember the pain of your words and how you broke the love I gave to you

You now want me to apologize for pain I have caused you

But in order for me to do that I’d have to find it in myself to forgive you

And I wish I could say I am sorry

For breaking your heart like you broke mine

But I cannot and will not

Until you find it within yourself

To be the better version of you than you are right now

Because the person you have become

Is not the friend that became my family

You’re now just a stranger to my soul

Alexandra Molloy can be reached at [email protected]