Primary Preview: Making the case for and against each Democratic candidate

Taking a stance on the six Democratic candidates still in the running.

By Collegian Staff

Bernie Sanders

Pro: There’s a reason Bernie Sanders is the current frontrunner in the Democratic Primary, writes Ryan Kapoor.

Join the movement and vote for Bernie

Against: Bernie Sanders doesn’t represent most Americans and doesn’t get along with most of Congress, writes Maxwell Zeff.

Not Feeling the Bern

Pete Buttigieg

Pro: Pete Buttigieg strikes an excellent balance between an understanding of the need for important changes and the importance of gaining the support of a variety of voters, writes Benjamin Schnurr.

Pete Buttigieg: Driving us forward but not apart

Against: Buttigieg lacks experience and progressive ideals, writes Max Ferrandino.

Why Pete Buttigieg should not be the next Democratic nominee

Amy Klobuchar

Pro: Amy Klobuchar is ideally suited to bridge the gap between progressives and moderates, writes Greg Fournier.

Amy Klobuchar is the best Democratic candidate

Against: Klobuchar lacks the intersectional attitude needed for 21st-century America, writes Masha Leyfer.

Amy Klobuchar is not the right choice

Michael Bloomberg

Pro: Bloomberg may not be the favorite candidate, but he’s the most effective, writes Jess Furjanic.

Money won’t fix Bloomberg’s problems

Against: Bloomberg won’t win on money alone, writes James Mazarakis.


Bloomberg: The only candidate who can beat Trump

Elizabeth Warren

Pro: The progressive fighter has what it takes to reform our broken system, writes Srija Nagireddy.

Elizabeth Warren is the progressive solution to our capitalist reality

Against: Warren is riddled with flaws, writes Greg Fournier.

Warren isn’t the answer

Joe Biden

Pro: Joe Biden is the most qualified candidate to be president, writes Nathaniel Reynolds.

Joe Biden is the moderate America needs

Against: Biden does not represent the Democratic party, writes Emma Garber.

Pass the torch, Joe Biden