Special Issue: The Future of Higher Education

Is online college still worth it? Is it time we got rid of standardized testing? Will colleges survive the pandemic?


Graphic by Nina Walat

By Collegian Staff

The Opinion Editorial section presents October’s topic of the month: The future of higher education.

Restrictive immigration policies spell ruin for American universities

The importance of remote education

Standardized tests should not be required

Standardized test scores shouldn’t influence an application

Confronting the racism in college rankings

The myth of mobility: Why college admissions are biased toward the wealthy

Online classes can have an impact on mental health

Point: Keep your cameras on in your Zoom lectures

Counterpoint: The problem with requiring camera use during class

College will never be the same

What’s the true purpose of college?

College is more than just career training

UMass should not be charging full tuition for online classes

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