SGA votes to appoint students to fill vacancies

Eight vacancies were filled


Nina Walat/Daily Collegian

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff

On Wednesday night, the Student Government Association of the University of Massachusetts convened their weekly meeting over Zoom. During the meeting, they filled eight vacant senate seats.

The meeting began with two UMass administrators introducing themselves to the senate.

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Christopher Misra gave the senate a presentation on the role of UMass Information Technology, including their work with Zoom and the IT Help Desk.

Steve Goodwin, deputy chancellor and chief planning officer, discussed his role and his work regarding the University’s COVID-19 response. He talked about his work with the Mount Ida Campus and UMass’ plans for students returning in the spring.

Following the discussion, the senate also introduced their plans for the implementation of new Registered Student Organizations rules for the upcoming semester. While currently being developed, the SGA hopes to have a finalized plan soon. Some of the themes they are developing are rules around travel and emergency funding.

Two students were appointed to fill the 2021 seats, four students were appointed to fill the 2022 seats, one student was appointed to fill the 2023 seat and one student from the class of 2023 filled the remaining 2022 seat.

Sponsored by Julia Curto, chair of the outreach and development committee, the appointees were interviewed and selected by her committee.

Kyle Kendall, chair of the administrative affairs committee, was appointed to a seat for the class of 2021.

“Kyle applied five minutes after I sent out the application,” said Curto.

When asked why he chose to run despite being a committee chair, Kendall said, “I’m not able to represent my class to its fullest… I have to impart my thoughts on others for them to be heard.”

Michael Suchecki, a marketing and political science double major and former presidential candidate appointed for one of the vacancies, said he has a lot of experience with the SGA and its bylaws. “I really respect the power that the body holds when we can work collaboratively,” said Suchecki.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with higher education,” said Abby Velozo, a legal studies and psychology double major and an appointee for the class of 2022. A former dual-enrollment student, Velozo said her previous experience with her former school’s SGA, including being president, would help her to succeed.

Tasneem Kelly, a political science major, was appointed to fill the vacancy in the class of 2022 as a member of the class of 2023. Kelly said that she had a lot of experience with RSOs as a member of the UMass Muslim Student Association.

All the appointments were confirmed.

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